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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Your Level Doesn't Interpret Your Leadership Poweress - UISU'17 Aspirant, ISCO, Talks More About The Union | READ!

Ahead of the University Of Ibadan 2017 Students' Union Elections, Unibadan Efiwe brings to your screen, a new segment tagged "#KnowYourAspirants2017 With OIZAH Of World Of Uites (WOUWO)" 

We would be bringing all UI Aspirants for 2017 Elections here, having a Chat with them as they share with Us all, their ambitions and why they are running for various posts in the Union.

Below is a Quick Interview with Babanumi Adebayo Bukunmi aka ISCO, a  DVM 3 Student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine vying for the post of Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the upcoming Students' Union Elections.

Read Excerpts;

Host - Can We Meet You Sir?

ISCO - I am Babanumi adebayo Bukunmi aka ISCO, DVM 3 Student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Host - What does UI Students' Union mean to You?

ISCO - I believe that the Union is a laboratory for us as student to test run our ideas of democracy so that when we get outside, we will be ready to improve the society at large..

Host - Why Public Relations Officer (PRO)?

ISCO - The office of the PRO is the media n publicity arm of the Union.  Over the years, I have groom myself in the art of how to use the media , the act propaganda, I have learn to be a public Speaker and finally a writer .

Looking at this features, the office of the PRO suits my personality.

Audience - Does He mean UISU is a guinea pig or Lab rat, to Experiment with? 

ISCO -No, the Union is not a guinea pig or lab rat.

 The Union is like a nursery where ideas are nurtured , so that when we get to the outside society, We will be able to improve it..

Host - Can You tell Us what propaganda means? 

ISCO - Propaganda is telling the truth in your own dimension. Better still, the act of not lying and at the  same time not telling the truth.

Every time, we hold a protest on campus, the school will run to Punch Newspaper and  say UI shut down school because of Violent protest when in the real sense, there was not violence. That's propaganda..

Host - What are the  Importance of propaganda to the vibrancy of the Union? 

ISCO - There is a popular quote.

Propaganda can make the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty.. That's power!!

Propaganda can be use as a tool to consult , consolidate our consultation and if need be, it can be use to bully n confront any anti-Student and  anti-masses policy. 

If we pay attention to the #FeeMustFall #FreeMOTE# campaign to mention a few, The union made use of this act and it was helpful.

Host - How many Aluta Have you participated in (List) and What is the importance of Aluta in Students' Unionism? 

ISCO - The number does not matter. I will answer the importance of Aluta in unionism.

There is a popular quote by the leftist.

"if you don't fight you have lost, if you fight you MAY win"

Aluta is a platform for the oppressed to demand their right from the oppressor.

Time will not permit me to mention how many times various halls of residence has protested No light N water, and how the light and water was restored immediately.

Fresh graduate of UI has an ID card for clearance, thanks to Aluta.

Accommodation was not increased, thanks to Aluta. I have answered your question. Thank you.

Host - What is/are the flaw(s) of the current PRO? 

ISCO - Well, too much irrelevance. Greatest Uite,  There is a party in xyz and the likes.

There was no press release as regard some very important issues on campus and the country at all that the Union needed to take it stands.

I feel he should work on that. Asides that, He is good.

Audience - What practical legacy does He want to leave behind if He eventually becomes the PRO of our Union? 

ISCO - A time to time public release on important issues both Domestic and International and also a platform for us as a union to be relevant.

Three things are needed for us to be relevant

1) A platform; we have it, 1st university in Nigeria

2) An audience, We have it, over 30,000 students

3) A message. If given the mandate, I will innovatively manufacture to tell the world our stand on various issues.

Host - Come 29 April, Do you think you'll win at the polls? If yes why? And if you lose, are you ready to share your ideas with the eventual winner? 

ISCO - If God does not build the house, the labourers labours in vain.

I believe God is building this agenda and I wont labour in vain.

So , I am sure that UITE will give me the mandate and if not, I will be willing to help anyone that GOD anoints.

Host - What's your stand on the no banner, poster recommendation of the hallowed chamber to the UISUEC? 

ISCO - Beautiful recommendation. I don't want a union where quality of banner supercede quality of ideas.

Host - What has been your contributions so far as a member of the Sixth Assembly?

ISCO - I have at Every time stand up and speak up on important issues on the floor of the house.

Even on controversial topics most people will shy away from because I believe , if I can't look into the eye of my age group and speak the truth to them, how will I look into the eye of the Dean of Student or question his policy.

I always make my stands known on every issue. An habit I will continue with if given the mandate.

Host - What determines the success of an SU dispensation? 

ISCO - How well an average Uite participated in the administration.

Host - Expatiate!

ISCO - My opinion; I observe that over the years, aspirants makes a lot of loud before elections and as soon as elections are over, the own activities goes down. 

All we see is our Union bus running at Formula 1 speed around campus.

Until this time, for this administration, there is no Congress (student have issues bothering them). We run our Union like a Government. 

Host - What's your view on a 200L Student running for the Zenith seat of UISU? 

ISCO - The age of  Methuselah does not interpret the wisdom of Solomon.

Your level does not interpret your leadership poweress. 

Pat utoma was 24 when He became Minister for finance under Shagari.

Host -  Ojo Aderemi; Igbonekwu Val; Hamzat Abass; Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin; Who is your favourite? 

ISCO - Everyone of them is good, I don't have a favorite

Host - Your partian shot/shoutout?

ISCO - To Tedder Hall L and D, Thank you for your training.

To veterinary medicine,  I love u all.

To SRC 6th assembly, Thank you for the experience

To Opay'ne.. Thank you for the opportunity.

Thank you to everyone for your time.

Tell a friend about ISCO..

Thank you for reading this Interview, Kindly Share with your friends and feel free to post on your prestigious platforms. Sharing is Caring. 

If posted on other Platforms, Kindly give full credit to Unibadan Efiwe and OIZAH of WOUWO. God Bless You, God Bless Our Union. Thanks.

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