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Monday, 3 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Some People Are Emotional But I'm Better - UISRC Deputy Speaker, Iyanujesu @iyanujesu_ @barrackopayne

University of Ibadan Students' Representative Council Deputy Speaker, Oguntunji Iyanujesu reveals that "She cried the day her election was firstly adjourned" in a quick chat with the Host of WOUWO, Barrack Opay'ne.

Also, Iyanujesu shed more light on Her relationship with Concatenate, Heritage (Idia Hall Chairperson) and Aderoju Smallz.

Read Excerpt Below:

Host - I'm Oizah Tobiloba Anuoluwapo Barrack Opay'ne Ogunbanjo, Can we meet you?

DSP - Oguntunji Iyanujesu Oluwatoyin, 
500 Level Law Student, University of Ibadan and proudly an Idiate.

Host - Can You reel out your Politiccum Vitae?

DSP - Ermm, not so long.. Various committees at Idia and Law Committee Head. Info Minister Idia -2014/2015
Law SRC For Fin Sec - Clean Earth Society. A time Majority Leader Idia.
Deputy Speaker; SRC SU - 2016/2017

Host - How was it like defeating two guys to cling the seat?

DSP - Can we call it defeating sha.. it was just like majority wasn't on their side and it's just an election which is a game of numbers.

Host - What's your relationship with Concatenate?

DSP - Yinka is my friend and I'm a volunteer for his Initiative.

Host - Who's the man behind her smile??

DSP - I'm Single.

Host - Is it that suitors ain't coming through?

DSP - They are. Just no interest yet, relationship isn't beans you know.

Host - We learnt you cried like a baby the day your election was firstly adjourned?

DSP - True but not cry like a baby. *smiles*

Host - Why?

DSP - Some of Us are emotional but I'm better.

Host - Any achievement so far as DSP?

DSP - Generally, the council has achieved many  remarkable things but particularly to my office the excursion was a success and we pray Dinner will be a big success too.

Host - What's your relationship with Heritage, Idia Hall Chair?

DSP - We are sisters. Blood

Host - The council was away on excursion wen SDC was hitting UI Students hard, Your View?

DSP - It wasn't the Council's fault. The excursion date has been approved long before the SDC Case. We were helpless
There was no way the excursion could be postponed. 

In view of this, a represenative was sent besides, the presence of the Council in school won't make fair hearing high or less.

Host - What's your relationship with Aderoju?

DSP - She's my friend.

Host - What role did She play during Zik - Idia saga? Intelligence Report has it that She put forward some Zikite names during the Saga! 

DSP - The "Intelligent" report is false because I wasn't at the scene when it happened.

Host - You were an Exco then so its close to impossible for You not to be at the scene! 

DSP - It was a dinner. I was in the room getting ready and came out to discover the mess.

Host - You think the Rep did the representation well?

DSP - I wasn't there so I can't give a detailed answer but according to report, He tried his best.

Host - Five years of Law, How has it been? 

DSP - Not an easy road... Life isn't a bed of roses.. Combining academics with a lot of things isn't easy but God is Good so I stay winning *smiles*

Host - Your memorably Moment?

DSP - All the events have planned both Idia and SU level turned out to be a success and yes ABUJA TRIP,
take me back.

Host - Your worst Moments?

DSP - I think one is the worst. When I lost my father.

Host - This is a Game. Arrange these three into the listed category

Abdrahman Bello Onifade
Ojo Emmanuel Nifemi
Dr Abiola Victor Tobiloba


Take home to Iya Iyanu
Not interested
One night stand.

DSP - Dr Abiola- Take home to momma
Nifemi - One Night. Onifade - Not interested.

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