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Sunday, 16 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Since It's Impossible For Arsenal To Run With Only Wenger, I Believe All Uites Must Be Alutaistic - UISU'17 Aspirant, Acube

In another Edition of #KnowYourAspirants2017 with Oizah of WOUWO, Unibadan Efiwe brings to your Screen, a quick Interview with the flag holder of Acube'17, Abiola Adedapo Adesiji. 

Abiola talks about the Union, reasons why He's vying for the post of Students' Union Treasurer and lot more.

Read Below; 

Can We meet you?

I am Abiola Adedapo Adesiji, a penultimate Student of Geography, Faculty of the Social Sciences.

I am the flag holder of Acube '17 vying for the post of Students' Union Treasurer.

What does UISU mean to you?

University of Ibadan Students' Union main aim is to promote the Social, Cultural, Intellectual and recreational interests of its members.

So UISU serve as the umbrella body of all Students in the University environment.

Why Treasurer?

Thank you so much for that question. *smiles*

Anything you do in life without having passion for, it is just a "trade mark". Its just the passion to serve.

Any previous post held before?

I served as the Assistant General Secretary of NUGSA, University of Ibadan and the Public Relations Officer of Freshers Company, FATSSSA. Thank you.

What's the role of  the Treasurer Office to a vibrant Union and Unionism?

According to University of ibadan students' union constitution as reviewed in the 98/99 session

Translating to the fact that I must be able to present all these books to the Finance commitee of the council and other bodies set up by the Union / University on demand for proper accountability.

What is Aluta to you?

Aluta is just a medium whereby we fight for our right through protest, dialouge and other possible means.

What's the role of Aluta for vibrant Unionism?

Aluta has have disclosed earlier is a medium and its very important in moving a Union forward. Thank you.

How many Aluta have you participated in?

The MOTE Struggle, Mayowa Alaran and the proposed Protest against Signatory to account. Thanks.

Do you see the need for a Treasurer to be Alutaistic? If yes, Why?

Nice question. Is it possible for Arsenal to run with only Arsene Wenger? Capital NO.

I believe all Uites must be Alutaistic irrespective of their position. Thank you.

What is/are the flaws of the current Treasurer?

Mr Ore Kelvin is one of the best Treasurer UISU has ever produced. No flaws whatsoever except for the promised ATM which He didn't fulfil, which I believe was not his fault. Thank you.

Come 29 April, Do you think you'll win at the polls? If yes why? And if you lose, are you ready to share your ideas with the eventual winner?

I will win in Jesus, Allah and Ifa name. I can't lose because Acube is always destined for great things. Thank you.

What's your stand on the no banner, poster recommendation of the hallowed chamber to the UISUEC?

I respect that and I believe it will go a long way in cutting Individual aspirants expenses. Thank you.

What defines the Success of an SU dispensation?

Can you rephrase it please.

What makes a tenure successful? 

I can't do what you can, You can't do what I can so that makes a team

Formation of a working team makes a successful Union. Thank you.

Why are you better than your opponents?

That's a question I believe Uites should answer not Acube.. Thank you. 

Thank you for reading this Interview. Kindly share with your Friends. Feel free to post on your prestigious platforms.

If posted, kindly give credit to Unibadan Efiwe and Oizah of WOUWO. Thanks and God bless you. God bless our Union.

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