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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: The Role Of Aluta Is Priceless Because Its A Platform For The Students Voice To Be Heard - UISU'17 Aspirant, MJ

Here's another Edition of #KnowYourAspirants2017 with Oizah of WOUWO and We have with Us, Ogundeji Benjamin Ayodeju, an Aspirant for the post of General Secretary, Students' Union, University of Ibadan.

Benjanmi who's popularly known as MJ talks about the Aluta, Union, Relevance of General Secretary to a vibrant Unionism and lots more in a new Interview brought to you by Unibadan Efiwe.

Can We meet you?

I am Ogundeji BENJAMIN Ayodeju by name popularly branded as MJ, a 200 level Student of Archaeology and Anthropology from the prestigious and the premier Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Thanks

Any previous post held or currently holding in UI? 

Present Member of Kenneth Mellanby Hall Legislative council and also 
The Deputy Clerk.

Why General Secretary?

It is said “ if nothing is done about anything, things will remain the way they are.”

 It is with this great enthusiasm and unbridled sobriety that I decide to make this decision with passion for the smooth running of our Union because The office of the General Secretary is the Engine of the Union. Thanks.

Do you think the post needs an experienced mind? What experience do you have? 

Whether experienced or not, what makes a great leader? According to John Maxwell  Is the  courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. And morover Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. 

Experience I have.... As the current Deputy Clerk of Kenneth Mellanby Hall, I have contributed so greatly to the smooth running of both the House and the administration. Thanks..

What does UISU mean to you?

Literally it means University of Ibadan Student Union, it is a platform/umbrella body for all Students where their voice could be heard and where their interests are being fostered.

What's your perception of UISU to you?

Well, to look at it in a pellucid way, it is a platform for every member to work together to promote the welfare of Uites and to cure bizarre situations arising in the Union.

What's the relevance of General Secretary to a vibrant Unionism? 

According to the University of Ibadan Student Union Constition revised 1998/99

The General Secretary shall be the head of the Union secretariat, He shall convene General Meeting and Executive meetings, take records and minutes.

These are the relevance of General Se for a vibrant nd smooth running administration.

What's Aluta to you? 

Aluta is a powerful means to stand up for your right, fight for your right when is or about to be infringed upon basically through protest(Whether in a peaceful way or not).

Aluta is a means to make our complaints louder and to find Solution to it.

Aluta in the real sense basically means "Struggle" that is Struggle for Freedom or liberation of people from any form of Oppression, repression or subjugation. It was shortened word from 'Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta (The struggle continues, Victory is Certain)'.

In another words, Aluta doesnt mean to build 'aluta soldiers' but to build people who are brawn and intellectuals who can tackle many problems that have lamed the Universities nd Nigeria as whole.


What's the role of Aluta for vibrant Unionism? 

Aluta (Struggle) role is priceless because is the platform for the Students voice to be heard.

How many Aluta have you participated in? 

I've been partcipating in Aluta before I entered UI but in UI is #Free Mote#

Do you see the need for a General Secretary to be Alutaistic? If yes, Why? 

Yes. Because He is a leader and one of the best quality of a good leader is to be at some point Radical but not Rascal. And. Morever as a Gen sec he is the next after the President so He must be. Thanks.

What's the thin line between Rascality and being Radical?

Radical simply means Favouring fundamental change, or change at the root cause of a matter.

Also, A person who is secular in politics.
While Rascal is obviously Someone who is naughty; either playfully mischievous or a troublemaker, a dishonest person, a scoundrel.

What are the flaws of the current General Secretary? 

We are humans we are bound to make mistake no one is an island of knowledge so there is no Man without err trait. Thanks.

What are the flaws you have noticed and that you plan to correct if elected for the vibrancy of the Union?

well... it is best known to me of course, there are flaws but I have my plans on correcting that which will be disclosed on the manifesto day. Thanks.

Come 29 April, Do you think you'll win at the polls? If yes why? And if you lose, are you ready to share your ideas with the eventual winner?

By Gods grace come April 29 I will win. Because I believe my supporters are there to get me there. 

If I lose I will share my ideas with the winner just for the love of Union.

What's your stand on the no banner, poster recommendation of the hallowed chamber to the UISUEC? 

Its actually a nice plan but just that it will make it a herculean task for aspirant to make awareness.

What defines the success of an SU dispensation?

Success of an SU dispensation base on Team work and also to carry every Uites along on the policies and decisions on the welfare of the students.

Why are you better than your opponents? 

I will never compare myself to anyone. All I know is every human is like a society in this sense every society has its own culture which is quite unique and different from one society to another. 

Moral of the lesson, Every human has his/her uniqueness. Thanks.

Your shout out/partisan shot?

My shoutout goes to everyone, I love You all!!! Come April 29 and vote for MJ as SU GENERAL SECRETARY always remember that  There is no UNION without  You.

Thanks You very much barrack Oziah Payne I hail you sir. 

Thank you for reading this Interview. Kindly share with your Friends. Feel free to post on your prestigious platforms. 

If posted, kindly give credit to Unibadan Efiwe and Oizah of WOUWO. Thank and God bless you. God bless our Union.

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