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Friday, 14 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: I've Stepped On Enough Toes Already And I Pray I Get Off Them Soon - UISU'17 Aspirant, Rational Reveals

Another Edition of #KnowYourAspirants2017 with Oziah of WOUWO is here again. Unibadan Efiwe brings to your screen, a quick Interview with One of UISU'17 Aspirants, Usman Olasunkanmi aka Rational, who's vying for the post of Public Relations Officer, Students' Union, University of Ibadan.

Rational talks about his Ambition of being the next Students' Union PRO, His own understanding about Aluta and Propaganda, SRC 6th Assembly and many more.

When asked if He was scared of Stepping toes maybe that was why He always kept mute, Rational revealed that "He has stepped on enough toes already and He prays that He get off them soon."

Read Below; 

Can We Meet You Sir?

I'm Usman Olasunkanmi popularly know as RATIONAL. A 300 Level Student, Department of Economics, University of Ibadan. 

What does UI Students' Union mean to You?

Hmmm, UISU which can be on the other hand refer to as Student Unionism. 

Well, to the little I understand about Unionism, I can say Students Unionism is a mechanism that would ensure students become more and more politicized and prepared to fight injustice they feel are taking over in their institution. 

It will thus be interesting and inspiring to watch Uites take some vital positions in the affairs of institution and create a collective voice.

This One Voice Is What We Called Student Unionism. Thank You.

Although, those positions might not be political. 

Why Public Relations Officer (PRO)?

What a brilliant question. Although by the virtue of admission, I got admitted into the prestigious department of Economics and you can say I should have the intention of treasurer but
A true leader does not seek path where advantage lies rather the part where duty lies.

Before now, I've been a public relations person and the best position I fit in is a post that has to do with public relations and it'll just be nothing but a pleasure to serve and to work diligently. 

Asides, Our union is our pride! We need to give it a good face! A beautiful face enough to be admired by insiders and outsiders! We need to brand and re-brand our Union.

Our dear Union needs a man with a man with required skills, knowledge, and experience to properly publicise information to the generality of UI Students.

I've been nursing the ambition of Union PRO right from my 100 Level. I didn't just wake up in a day and decided that I want to go for a post just as most people do. 

I'm currently serving as the sole member of Library and Publications Committee (UI SRC 6th Assembly) which means you have been working hand in hand with the current P.R.O, Olaleye Oladosu

The Man We Thus Project Is "RATIONAL"

Can You tell Us what propaganda means?

Recently, a blog reported that>>
[LEAKED CHAT] UI SU Presidential Aspirant Vows To "Knack" All Idia Babes When He Wins. That's a typical example of propaganda.

Propaganda is therefore a piece of information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

In other words, Propaganda can be refer to as information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. Thank You.

What are the  Importance of propaganda to the vibrancy of the Union?

Propaganda as it is, is a very important mechanism or instrument used to make your wish comes true (basically politically). Thanks.

How many Aluta Have you participated in (List) and What is the importance of Aluta in Students' Unionism?

Wow. This is the one of the most interesting part of it all. 

Despite the fact that this is my third year in this school, I've participated in so many alutas which includes

In my 100 Level days, we had a protest that as regards the issue of No light and water

Then, Free Mote protest which I participated so well. The recent #FeesMustFall protest too wasn't done at my back. I was also there.

For the first time in my life, I learnt what it truly meant to stand up for what is your right as a 100 level student when I joined a protest that was meant to question the authorities over the epileptic power supply that crippled our activities as students in our halls of residence (that was led by the then ZIL Hall Chairman and co. which later resulted to 2weeks break.)

While I was sceptic about joining initially, like many of my friends who chose to sit in their rooms and waited to taste from the results of the struggle they were never part of, I resolved to be one of those who broke extra sweat for the comfort of others.

 But then, I learnt a valuable lesson, not that I have to protest in all situations but that I had to power to stand up to determine how my stories would end.

Aluta is important because We had power supply, ate our beans, lived peacefully, and the water in the taps flowed endlessly, everything seemed perfect. 

Most times, our stories ended with the restoration of power supply and some others times, the promise of it. 

Winning in such instances meant a lot to me, being part of those who do not sit and complain about things but who rose to challenge such situations.

What is/are the flaw(s) of the current PRO, Oladosu Olaleye Oladosu? 

*smiles* Well, Leystra, over years, has been like a mentor and a role model to me. 

Being a sole member of Library And Publications Committee and after working with him for almost a year, I've seen lapses in which I'll work on if I eventually emerge as the Students' Union P.R.O and also, I'll ensure I work on the flaws of the last Administration.

Leystra is a perfect and experienced public relations personnel and a better person to look up to if have the intention of being a media person

Well, a lot of people have complained about the recent administration (both positive and negative) which is normal. 

The major flaw of the the current PRO is the inability to achieve some of the laid out programmes basically because of lack of money especially the magazine.

Although, He will always be remembered as the Union PRO under any circumstances. 

Come 29 April, Do you think you'll win at the polls? If yes why? And if you lose, are you ready to share your ideas with the eventual winner?

By the power of God and effort of man.  By April 2019 when we'll collectively decide those that will pilot the affairs of this our great institution in the next one year, I'm very sure Uites will give me the mandate.

However, at this point, the union needs a Public Relations Officer (Students Union Executive) that would ensure students participation in the union via prompt, proper, progressive, creative, innovative, responsive, resounding and outstanding ideas as at such project and produce meaningful effects and impacts in the union.

And the best person for the job is "RATIONAL"

And if I lose, Since I have nothing at heart but a better union, there's nothing stopping me from contributing my quota for the betterment of the Union. 

As a matter of fact, if any of my opponent(s) is better than me, there's nothing stopping me from stepping down for a better option.

What's your stand on the no banner, poster recommendation of the hallowed chamber to the UISUEC?

There's a popular sayings... 

Do the right thing at the right time and not the wrong thing at the right time or doing the right thing at the wrong time.

Those recommendations are beautiful and perfect but the major flaw of the recommendations is that this isn't the perfect time to execute such.

What has been your contributions so far as a member of the Sixth Assembly?

During my service as a member of the SRC, much lessons have been learnt and glory be to God we did the little we can.

While in service, I learnt deeply what it truly means to stand up 👆 for what is your right as well as the right of the people around you. 

Asides, I served under different capacities and committees in which I was committed and dedicated. 

Library and Publications.

Indirectly, this post should be called PRO 2 of the Union because, it's the committee designated by the constitution to act as the left hand for the Union PRO. 

Audience - Please according to his quote, when is the right time? 

Probably Next year. Thank you.

What determines the success of an SU dispensation? 

The ability to ensure students participation in the Union via prompt, proper, progressive, creative, innovative, responsive, resounding and outstanding ideas as at such project and produce meaningful effects and impacts in the Union.

Audience - There is a saying that there is no better time than now, why not now, why next year? Any difference in premise?

At this point, alot of banners have been made, much posters have been gotten ready and jingles have been composed and Uites are expecting all these.  

But, if the recommendations are to start next year, aspirants will be prepared to face the new laws as against the existing ones.

Audience - What has been his major contributions to the 6th Assembly? Why does he often keep mute, is it because he's scared of stepping on toes?

SRC 6th Assembly is made up to great minds and sound Honourables. From the Speaker to the DSP, clerk and the chief whip as well as the other honourables. 

Most times, to prevent overflogging of issues, one tends to keep quiet or remain mute when what you have in mind has been discussed and trashed out. 

About stepping on toes, I've stepped on enough toes already and I pray I get off them soon. Thanks.

An aspirant whose victory is solely or majorly dependent on banners and posters has done nothing in terms of campaign, moreover there is an alternative platform for letting your plans known. If you were to contest next year though not possible and your recommendation is adopted, what would be your strategy?

There are various platforms where you can get your plans knows asides banners and it's to intensify your one on one meetings with everyone  as much as you can.

How feasible is your Strategy? 

A journey of thousand minds start with a test. It's 100% feasible if you start at the right time.

What's your view on a 200L Student running for the Zenith seat of UISU?

There's nothing bad in it. What such person need is experience, motivation and dedication and those factors have nothing to do with level. Thanks.

Ojo Aderemi; Igbonekwu Val; Hamzat Abass; Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin; Who is your favourite?

As a matter of fact, I have a special relationship with them all and anyone that gets to the post is alright by me. There's no particular favorite. 

Your partian shot/shoutout?

The Course To Rebrand, Remake, Amplify And Project The Union Which Is Our Collective Responsibility. 

However, An Experienced And Public Relations Officer Is Essential, Pertinent And Relevant For The Course To Be Achieved. 

My Shout Out goes to Leystra (The Current Union PRO), Radical Bayo too, a very close friend even before coming to UI. Janglas (Mr. Faculty President), Opay'ne (WOUWO), Friends, Family And Many More. Thanks. 

Thank you for reading this Interview. Kindly share with your friends. Sharing is Caring. Also, feel free to post it on your prestigious platforms.

 If posted, Kindly give full credit to Unibadan Efiwe and Oziah of WOUWO. Thanks and God Bless You. God Bless Our Union. 

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