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Saturday, 15 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: I Would Work With Anyone Who Has Good Plans For The Betterment Of The Union - UISU'17 Aspirant, Niffi

Here's another edition of #KnowYourAspirants2017 with Oizah Of WOUWO and We have with us, Adeyinka Oluwanifemi aka Niffi. 

Niffi is vying for the House Secretary seat, Students' Union, University of Ibadan.

Unibadan Efiwe brings to you, a quick chat between Oizah and Niffi as He talks about the Union, needs for a House Secretary to be Alutaistic and many more.

Read Below;

Can We meet you?

My name is Adeyinka Oluwanifemi Abraham (also known as Niffi), a 400level Civil Engineering student, a Kutite and an aspirant for UISU House Secretary 2017.

Any previous post held before?

2015/2016 Head Of Academic Team KUTI HALL and the President of Platform for Innovations and Productive Ideas, University Of Ibadan.

Why House Secretary?

The Constitutional functions. Basically WELFARISM and Maintenance.

Why are you vying for the House Secretary seat?

Like I said earlier, the passion I have for catering for people's need lead to selecting the office of all other offices.

Also, my unshakeable interest for maintenance which even lead me to have chosen Civil Engineering(which is basically about construction and maintenance of properties) in the first place.

What does UISU mean to you?

A platform meant to cater for the welfare and social wellbeing of students.

A platform where decisions are made for the betterment of students' living in the university.

What's the relevance of the House Sec. office to vibrant Unionism?

That's the office where social influence is birthed , because that's the office where every uites can claim.

    The office of the House Secretary is where anything and everything anyone can say of a surety he wants from the Union is obtained.

What's Aluta to you?

Simply "Struggle"

What's the role of Aluta for vibrant Unionism?

According to an adage " our faces are different, so also are our reasoning and priorities"

What our utmost needs as a union, may not be of utmost importance to the management and in order to get our needs attended to often times , there is a necessity for a physical force(Aluta) after all intellectual measures had been observed.

How many Aluta have you participated in?

All, since I resumed for  my programme(2013/2014).

Ranging from Alaran Mayowa's death protest, to No light and water protest leading to 2weeks strike,to shut down Sango Total Filling Station 2014/2015(aahhh speaker's tenure), to shut down Ojoo, to free MOTE to Sango Police station, to Mariam Hostel

Do you see the need for an House Sec. to be Alutaistic? If yes, Why?

Very well, In short He must be radical (not ruling out the place of intellectualism though) because I see him(the House Sec.) as a father that must always stand to fight for the interest of his wards.

What is/are the flaws of the current House Sec.?

I don't see any flaw whatsoever , but there can always be improvement.

Come 29 April, Do you think you'll win at the polls? If yes why? And if you lose, are you ready to share your ideas with the eventual winner?

I  certainly will(by God's grace)

I won't lose , but after my victory, I will still work together with them because I want to believe they  also have good plans for the betterment of the Union.

What's your stand on the no banner, poster recommendation of the hallowed chamber to the UISUEC? 

What I believe is that in as much as we want to work towards obtaining an ideal union, a union without segregation , but with adequate level of interest in all students , I will say it's wrong for posters and banners to be banned because we can't expect the few %of students without WhatsApp and access to social media to be left or to obtain their info just through Rumours (the weakest of all media)

And , as to the expenses that accrue to that, I want to believe that a leader is not just the visioneer , he is also a manager of assembly of people who believe strongly in him and can go to any length to support his dreams in any and every wise ranging from moral to financial support..

What defines the success of an SU dispensation?

As said by one of my role model(Sulibreaks);

"...success people take a course of action which coincides with their believes or passion"

The success of a dispensation is being able to actualise all(100%) that is promised although there may not be an ideal system though , but I believe only what could be achieve even if one should be promised.

Why are you better than your opponents?

I believe the House Secretary is a Welfare Minister. As such ,he is a problem solver  and I believe before any problem can be solved , the identification of such is most important...

Anyone who will solve problem must be social i.e must have a good relationship with people, must understand the social code and language reigning at the moment to relate with all "species" of people.

I believe I am the most social of all. 

Much more,  When we consider maintenance, it is my passion, my career, my discipline and my line

Of all the 3, I understand this best.

In terms of helping students with their academics, I want to say of a surety that I am the most experienced of all the 3 because even at this moment , I am the Head Of Physical Science Department of an A-level after my 5 years experience as an ordinary tutor 

I have students(400,300,200 and100 level) and mentees in and out of the state.

I believe I have the starting momentum than the 2 and I am very approachable and sociable than them. Thank you

What is Loyalty?

A feeling of strong support for a course,a district or a nation.

Ojo Aderemi, Igbonekwu Val, Hamzat Abass, Ogeleyinbo B.J ; Which of them is your favorite and which are you pitching your tent with? 

Its personal to me sir as regards my favorite. But, I am not in Joint work with anyone

Ur partisan shot/Shoutout

My shout out to My Predecessors from 001 down to 006, to  my "friends" in the game and every other constituted authorities in the building.

Thanks for reading this Interview. Kindly share with your friends. Feel free to post this Interview on your prestigious platforms. 

If posted, Kindly give credit to Unibadan Efiwe and Oizah of WOUWO. God Bless you. God Bless our Union. 

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