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Thursday, 13 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: I Would Love To Lead The Good People Of Ogun State To Greatness Under The KOWA Party - Barrack Opay'ne Reveals | READ!

In a quick Exclusive Interview on Kafu Platform, the 51st Assistant General Secretary of FSSSA, Ogunbanjo Oluwatobilola popularly known as Barrack Opay'ne talks about his Family Background, Achievements as an Assistant General Secretary, Faculty of Social Sciences Students' Association 2011/2012 Academic Session, His Politicial Ambitions and many more.

Barrack Opay'ne also revealed that He would love to lead the Good People of Ogun State to Greatness under the KOWA Party if it is in God's plan.

Read Excerpts Below; 

Host - Good evening everyone, Welcome to the Kafu Platform Exclusive Interview, I'm your host for today Godfather. We have our guest already in the building, Ogunbanjo Oluwatobiloba Aka Barack O Pay'ne. The 51st and the Last AGS of  FSSSA 2011/2012 session. 

Its an honor to have you here sir. Can We meet you Sir? 

Opay'ne - It's a rare privilege to be interviewed in a room filled with intellectual social engineers. My Name is Ogunbanjo 'Tobiloba Anuoluwapo often called Barrack Opay'ne or Oizah. Assistant General Secretary, Faculty of the Social Sciences Students' Association (FSSSA) 2011/2012 Academic Session. Thank you.

Host - Can You tell Us about your Family Background Sir? 

Opay'ne - I'm the first child of the Ogunbanjos. Thank you.

Host - Why University of Ibadan for your Undergraduate Study? 

Opay'ne - U.I as we apparently is the first and still the best (tho we have our shortcomings) and the products of the institution are of premier standard. 

So, I just wanted to belong to the Premier fraternity that was why I chose U.I and as God will have it, the dream came true.  Thank you.

Host - How was life as an Undergraduate? How do you balance Academics and Social life? 

Opay'ne - It was all fun and maximally utilized

Social life and academics are two things that should go together without one disturbing the other because its a university that prepares one before the university of life as it were.

For me then, after my classes I go back to my hall, do as many aro as possible, play as much as possible, make as many friends as possible, go to Spices, Abe-Igi, and if party dey at Dome, E Bevande turn up but when Exam knocks give it your all, Faculty of Agric LLT and SLT to the rescue and sometimes KDL. 

This is because all can't be learnt in the Classroom. Thank you.

Wow that's cool! As the Former AGS, What motivated you to come out?

I'm this energetic and vocal person that likes speaking on behalf of others even when not holding a post

So it happened then that some of my senior colleagues in ZIK that were in Social Sciences started noticing me and called me that why don't I run for the post of the Assistant General Secretary.

Though before that time, I had the intention of running for post (but don't know which)

So I ran with 3 other opponents, 2 ladies and a guy and I had 157, Second 125, Third 92 then 4th 88 and I was announced winner.

Tho it was 15 minutes to the end of my GES 104 exam that day, August 11, 2011 precisely. Thank you.

Host - Do You have a Mentor then?

Sociology Department started mentorship for 100L students back then in my set. My lecturer mentor was Dr K.K Salami and Student Mentor were my roommates because I was the only 100L fresher in the room B44 ZIK Hall. 

Pastor Tobi 400L Civil Engr then (CFI President then) Pastor Sunday 300L Stat then, Egbon Wale 500L Food Tecch then (Gen Sec Food Tech then), Egbon Yemi (Co-fresher but D.E

So I can boldly say they mentored me..
Thank you.

Cool! What were your achievements as the AGS of the Faculty? 

Supervising the Cleaners to ensure they work promptly, Provision of tissue papers to the toilets. Constituting the Health committee as stated in the FSSSA Constitution. 

Ensuring Cleanliness of FSSSA Secretariat. Got rug for the office then and I was always going to sweep the office every Saturday. Always standing in for the General Sec. when expected.

Efficiently discharging the duties delegated to me by the President and other members of the executive. Thank you. 

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. How do you cope with Girls during your tenure? 

They were very Supportive. They ensured I delivered my campaign promises which I really appreciate them for and I didn't disappoint them.
Thank you.

Who was the Lucky Girl then or Who were the lucky Girls? 

When I was FSSSA AGS, all Female Fsssaites were the lucky girls simply because they voted me for Efficiency 2011 Agenda and the agenda had to erect so having a lucky Girl will cause Ferhoodle and it won't help the Administration. 

They were all amazing and supportive. Hearty shoutout to them because they were the best. Thank you.

Who is now the present Babe? 

There is a present babe buh she's a lover of anonymity so permit me to grant her that. Thank you.

Since when have you been with the lucky Girl? 

She won't like me discussing this on air. Pardon me Sir, It won't be nice to disobey in Public and get spanked in camera. Thanks for understanding. Thank you.

Report came to us that You were the Former House Secretary of the Students' Union, University of Ibadan? 


What brought about the zeal to go for Students' Union position? Was it because of your Popularity or what? 

I'm this energetic and vocal person that likes speaking on behalf of others even when not holding a post.

Though before that time I had the intention of running for post so after a successful tenure as the Fifty-First FSSSA AGS, the thirst to serve Humanity advanced which was why I contested and as UItes will have their way, they gave me the mandate to do so which I did judiciuosly. Thank you.

How many Opponents did you have?

A Katangite; Mr Aniette William. 

Why House Secretary? Why not the President or Treasurer? 

I'm a Welfarist. I like taking good care of things, people and what have you so the only clime all these can be done is the Office of the House Secretary which is in charge of Welfare and taking proper care of the Union properties. Thank you.

What were your achievements as the House Secretary?

Production of the First ever Union book (100pages, big sized) since resuscitation of UISU (don't even know if it is since the Inception of UISU) 

Provision of Borehole to ZIK Hall, Kunle Adepeju Statue at the Students' Union Building. Constituting Welfare committee that included Reps from MSC and PhD Halls respectively as stated by the Constitution. Though people shy away from it because it was not easy bringing these guys together. 

Reduction of Prices of UI Bread back then, the records in the House Sec. Office. Regular Inspection of UI Water and UI Bread. Regular inspection of Cafeterias. 

Made and enforced rules that guided the activities of Cafeterias operators back then. Prompt response to Students call at any time of the day. Lobby for the release of Students in shackle of SDC back then and what have you. Thank you.

Do You have future ambition to become a Politician?

Only God sees tomorrow. We are only striving to have a bright and rewarding tomorrow. If it's in God's plan then I might lead to the Good people of OGUN state to Greatness. Thank you. 

Under the platform of What Party? 

#BasedOnLogisticsParty (BOLP) *smiles*. The future will decide because by then who knows if APC and PDP would have gone into oblivion. 

But presently if you are to go it will be under which party? 

KOWA Party. 

What is your Philosophy of Life Sir? 

In this life, we only get the things for which we hunt, for which we strive and for which We are willing to make sacrifice(s). - Ogunbanjo Opay'ne Tobiloba (2013)

What brought about the Nickname, Barrack O Pay'ne? 

Emmanuel - Barrack Opay'ne while Oizah is Anuoluwapo in Ebira language (Kogi State) although, I'm from Ogun State.

What advice do you have for Undergraduates? 

It's a University I.e a Universe In A City. Explore all opportunities, make friends because no new friends, carve a niche for yourself because the World out here await your exploits. God bless us all.

Thank you for reading. Kindly share with Friends, Sharing is Caring. Feel free to post on your prestigious Platforms. If posted, Kindly give full to credit to Unibadan Efiwe and Kafu Platform. Thanks and God Bless you. 

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