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Saturday, 15 April 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: I Want To Fulfil The Needs Of Uites In Sports - UISU'17 Aspirant, JBoy

Ahead of University Of Ibadan Students' Union Elections 2017, Unibadan Efiwe brings to your screen, another of Edition of #KnowYourAspirants2017 With Oizah of WOUWO. 

Here's a quick Chat with One of UISU'17 Aspirant and Convener of Passion Agenda, Ezeanya Joseph Chukwuebuka aka JBoy, who's vying for the post of Sports' Secretary, Students' Union, University Of Ibadan.

JBoy talks about His passion for Sports, His plans towards making the Sports' ministry of the Union great and lot more.

Read Excerpts Below;

Can We meet You Sir?

Thank you very much sir.  My name is Ezeanya Joseph Chukwuebuka a.k.a JBOY a 400 Level Faculty of Pharmacy Student. 

I am the convener of PASSION AGENDA and I am also a resident of Great Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall.

What does UISU mean to you?

Literally, UISU mean University of Ibadan Students Union but personally I see UISU as a foundation on which our country situation can be shaped given the sound judgment  and character its members  acquire  throughout  their period  of membership. 

Briefly, if is the background for future government of this country.

Why Sports' Secretary?

It is Sports Secretary because  it is my passion to achieve greatness in the world of sports.

  It has been my childhood dream to be a sportsman that the world will remember not for a mere participation but also for a critical role played in changing the face of world sporting activities  as a whole since it remain the only factor that can unite the world despite their differences.

What is the relevance of Sports' ministry in  Students' Unionism?

Relevance of sports ministry in Students' Unionism is basically to take charge of the sports welfare of her union and to make sure that its members enjoy its activities and get maximum benefit from it.

If you emerge Sports' Sec. how do you intend to convince an average uite who is into just books and maybe fellowship to leave those two to either come and swim or play squash?

As Sports' Secretary,  it is normal for people to be entitled to their opinion and go for what they have passion for.

  I will personally not force any uite to engage in sporting activities  but I will make sure I tabled to average uite an amazing opportunity to participate  in sporting activities and expose to them the benefit he/she tends to gain as result of his/her participation.

In past years only NUGA contingents know the feel of Sports' Sec. and also Sports' council. How do you plan to correct this?

Everyone knows how important  information can be.  I am sure why the rest of uites don't feel it, is because they are not well informed about the sporting activities going on in the union. 

But I have plan to start a radio program at Diamond FM where Uites can ask questions and get correct information about the union sporting activities as innovated by the former SU PRO. 

Other ways of disseminating information  such as UISU official  Facebook, Whatsapp and the rest will also be used to make sure an average uites feel the impact of Sports' Secretary.

The renumeration from Sports' council for winning at Inter Hall or Inter Faculty games is ridiculously low, How do you intend to work on this if you emerge?

Already, I have a plan to increase the rewards of extraordinarily sportsmen that normally emerge  as the winners of inter hall or inter faculty by projecting their talents.

 But the prizes given by the sports council is really ridiculous, given that all uites pay #1,000 as sports fee every session and the percentage  that normally participate in these competitions is not up to 10% and yet sports council are not rewarding  them enough.

 But as Sports' Secretary,  I will meet with the Sports' director to discuss on how to improve these remuneration and also make them to understand  the important of rewarding these sportsmen well so they can actually  enjoy the fruit of their labour.

How many Aluta Have you participated in (List) and What is the importance of Aluta in Students' Unionism? 

I can't really recall the exact number of struggle I have participated in but I am very sure I have participated in a good number of them but the latest aluta I participated in was few weeks ago when the management said that U. I won't be going for nuga this year and the sportsmen call for a Congress to know the way forward. 

I was there as early as possible  because  the meeting was scheduled by 8:00am on school day and I participated very well by making contributions. 

 And was there till the end of the struggle  which was later led by SU President  and Speaker of the house. 

Aluta is very important to students unionisn because  with the collective struggle of its members without attachment of selfish interest its union won't be deprived of their right or benefits entitled to them.

Do you see it of essence for a "Sports' Sec." to be alutaistic?

Of course I do,  it is of utmost important  to lead aluta where the case emerge after I must have done consultation and other necessary things and found out that our union was just about to be deprived of their right unnecessarily.

What is/are the flaw(s) of the current Sports' Sec.?

I can't pinpoint any particular  flaw of the current sports secretary but as human beings we are to make mistakes which are the flaws normally seen in administration. 

But the flaw I will like to mention is not of the sports secretary  but for the sports council as a whole which is the way they easily believed  that our girls can not participate fully in some sports activities  like playing five aside in the game of football despite our gender mainstream motives. 

It is well known that standard  of football game is eleven aside but we have undermine the powers of our ladies by allowing them play five aside. 

 With U. I being first and the best university which set the standard which other institutions follow. We can't lower our standard as we won't give reason why our females won't play eleven aside when competing with other institution  or participating internationally.

Come 29 April, Do you think you'll win at the polls? If yes why? And if you lose, are you ready to share your ideas with the eventual winner?

If I think for once that I won't win, then I shouldn't be contesting. I believe with God and support of Uites I will emerge. 

Sharing my ideas will come  with the 
words of Roosevelt in which he says  that "the true richness of human being is by fulfilling  the needs of others". 

I want to fulfill the needs of uites in sports whether as sports secretary  or not.

What's your stand on the no banner, poster recommendation of the hallowed chamber to the UISUEC? 

It is a welcome idea as we are all intellectuals and shouldn't be convinced to vote for someone based on a mere banner or poster or even jingles but based on what they have to offer.

  It shows that the House is really thinking toward a positive method which with time can manifest  to the real society where sharing of money or materials is order of the day on how to get electorates to vote for a particular candidate.

What defines the success of an SU dispensation?

Success  of Students'  Union dispensation is basically when its members get and enjoy to full extent what they are entitled  to.

What's your view on a sophomore year Student running for zenith seat in UISU?

I don't believe  in discrimination  of any kind. Once a student is a financial  and registered member of the association  and has the capability of leading the UISU to the promise land then he/she should go on.

Of Ojo Aderemi, Hamzy, Val and OBJ who are you pitching your tent with?

For me, it's confidential but Whoever Uites decides that he will lead them on 29th of April is the man.

Why are you better than your opponent?

I am not comparing myself with any uite because we are all intellectuals with many differences. I am only working on myself  to be a better person every minute of the day.

Your partian shot/ shoutout? 

My shout out to Uites is to come on 29th of this month to vote and support  JBOY for Students Union Sports Secretary. 

 For a man with undying  passion for sports is the right man to help them achieve greatness they want. Thanks.

Thank you for reading this Interview. Kindly share with others. Feel free to post this Interview on your prestigious platforms.

 If posted, kindly give credit to Unibadan Efiwe and Oizah of WOUWO. Thanks and God Bless. God bless our Union.

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