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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: See The Rude Shock A Bride-To-Be Received From Her Online Tailor @apeke_mi

One week to her Sister's Wedding, IG User, Tope Bisi @apeke_mi received a rude shock from her tailor.

Two hours ago, She posted the picture above on her IG page, expressed her dissatisfaction and regretted doing online business transaction. She said:

 " My pipu,  this life we live in tho..... I'm all for online transactions and all. I mean buying and selling online is just another proof that humanity is evolving and advancing but when you order for A and you get Z,  you can't but sing "aye le, ibosi o" in tope alabi's voice. That's how my sister's wedding is in a week's time and this arrived as the "wedding dress" please I'm sure we all had/have that one towel we use as rag for our bathrooms or kitchens,  don't those towels even look prettier than this? And to think she went through her wedding planner (name witheld,  we've been begged too much) No offense but even deeper lifers won't wear this and we aren't even deeper lifers o.... I am inexplicably pained and tbh no words can fully relay how i feel but I just wan use this medium take God beg all those who are involved in this shady business...... If you don't have it,  don't advertise it,  don't be carrying rihannas face to do your model,  when you've never even gone 10ft near anywhere she's been.... Use your work,  advertise your worth,  or God will dole out punishment & curses  to you in ways that even he won't be able to bless you again. I don't even know how to console my sis that everything will be fine 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩"

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