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Saturday, 18 February 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: The Union Is In A Search For Selfless And Innovative Leaders - UISU'17 Aspirant, Valentinus

For this Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be absolutely perfect to interview VALENTINE IGBONEKWU.

 Today is your birthday, tell us about you?

I'm Valentine Igbonekwu A.K.A VALENTINUS.
Privileged to be born on a special day like today,14th February
and striving to be like my mentor St. Valentine who died for love.
I'm keen to work on own initiative, flexible and adaptable in all situation.
My word is my bond. I live by it.

 So, are you aiming at giving someone/people a surprise today?
Definitely, it begun long ago. We are on it. The lucky ones received it before today, some today and others in days unveiled.
Since it is surprise, it's unnamed.

What is your ambition?
I have an ambition to serve in the capacity of Students  Union President next session.
To contribute....

What is the best possible way you can describe the current state of our union?
Our union is strong. At least our voices are sometimes heard. It yields good results too. But it needs to be stronger. Hence, CONSOLIDATION '17
Our union is equally in a search for selfless and innovative leaders to keep its purpose perpetually alive
That's  you and I.

What do you think about a Law student running for the Presidency, doesn't it count as a disadvantage?
(Smiles), it's a direct contrast of your question. It's a great advantage. Allowing those who understand the law and the interpretation of same lead and champion the interest of our union especially at a time like this when the university community operates highly according to the books, should be a collective task of all unionist.
Let the just practices justify the unjust law.
Law students have the tool.
There's zero disadvantage

Asides your birthday, what Does Valentine's day mean to you?
A special day to re-affirm and rekindle the purpose of our existence..... "to live by love"

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
A place better than now, a hive of love where we shall all recount our past and smile for we grew together and then in an endless strive for greater achievement.

How do you rate yourself in terms of academics, infrastructure and social activities?
In terms of academics....I'm above average and working tirelessly for better.
I'm terms of social activity.... Simply average.

What will you love to be remembered for when you leave UI?
My service to humanity. I appreciate selfless contributions to course geared toward better development. I want to contribute my own positive quota towards students’ welfarism and happy living.

What's your stance on making Valentine's day a public holiday?

As regards making Valentine’s day a holiday...  If the purpose of making Valentine’s day a public holiday gets general acceptance then we embrace it.

What really do you have passion for?
I have passionate passion for leadership

Describe yourself in six words
Selfless and 

Can you make a Valentine's day shout-out to two UItes?
Of course, just as stated apriori, the shout-out is ongoing. The best drama follows upon resumption.

Final words or statement
Nothing much but my life time belief.

"The world founded on love lives to see no extinction"

Let's live by one another's happiness and not by their misery as Charlie said.

Happy Valentine's day pals.

Much love from me.

Thank you

Source: Connect UI

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