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Saturday, 4 February 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: IG Follower, Stephanie Aborts Pregnancy At Age 17, Exposed By Her Best Friend

Two teenagers, Stephanie @themamiigram and Toyosi @thequeentoyosi expose themselves on IG. 

According to reports, a rude comment caused the fight between the two of them. Toyosi @thequeentoyosi exposed Stephanie @themamiigram secrets by telling the World people, She had an abortion at 16.

When IG Follower @nigerianteengist asked her if she really did have an abortion at 16. She said "I'm not 16, I'm 17. Useless idiots. I don't know why its not dead guys that are talking about this"

You want to know full gists about Toyosi @thequeentoyosi and Stephanie @themamiigram, See Screenshots Below:


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