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Sunday, 12 February 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Even The Book Of Life Lies, Ojo Aderemi Still In The UISU'17 Race??

After the Book of Life leaked last week to the disappointment of many, a new reality dawned; Ojo Aderemi would not be able to participate in the coming Students' Union Elections because of his CGPA.
However, late this evening he debunked the rumors through a BC stating that he has settled the issue which happened to be a recording error. 
The beauty of the Union is in the greatness of intellection on the part of its leaders.
Such leaders are dogged and relentless, yet bear the aura of intellectual endeavour that reflects what education should be truly.

Such leaders chart a cause for the people. One of such causes is the PATRIOTIC INTELLIGENTSIA championed by OJO ADEREMI.

This movement has been challenged, yet motivated the more, by rumoured and chatty news, which made the round about a week ago, propagated by fellows of different kind, some;sincere, others; derisive.
They say: “Patriotic Intelligentsia is gone”, ” Ojo Aderemi is no longer in the race”… Laughable, so laughable, that they base such assertions on a “document”, a ” Book” which is not even Final in Life. 

Truly this book may reveal truths , it however failed , in that it did not reveal the true academic prowess of OJO ADEREMI.

Ojo’s intellection cumulates to a grade” that points to a sincere desire to still lead the Union, beyond average”. The mistakes on the book have been rectified. The missing arsenals are found and recorded! We can fire on, no benchmark can put our backs on the ground. We have crossed the Boundary.

OJO ADEREMI still convenes the PATRIOTIC INTELLIGENTSIA 2017, and our Union shall stand.

Which brings up the thoughts that is the Book of life genuine? 3 Faculties results are missing from it.

Source: UIGossip

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