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Sunday, 12 February 2017

EFIWE GOSPEL: 5 Elijah Is Enough To Sort Out Nigeria's Problems - MFM G.O, Dr D.K Olukoya

The General Overseer of MFM, Dr D.K Olukoya has finally spoken about the crisis happening to Christians and Nigeria as a whole.

During the Youth Connect Programme with Dr. D.K Olukoya which held at the MFM Int'l HQ Youth Church at Yaba this morning, He preached a Sermon titled "Wanted Young Prophets".

  He said to Youth who attended the Youth Sunday Service:

"We are in a crisis situation, all kinds of things are happening to believers and in the history of Christianity, more Christians have died in the last few years and there is only one problem. ( Psalm 74:9)"

"The only problem Nigeria is having today is the ABSENCE OF THE PROPHETIC. Only 5 Elijah is enough to sort out Nigeria's problems".

He also shared a story of how one Former Miss Nigeria was captured when she ran mad and was brought to the MFM Headquarters for prayers. He said, "After We prayed for her and she was healed, I asked her one question, Was Your Beauty enough to deliver You? She said No."

He charged Sisters to change their focus these days because the more spiritual they are, the better for their lives. Beauty is Vain.

He said "Nowadays, the Old people are seeing Visions while the Young people are dreaming dreams which is not right. Many churches are looking for young prophets who will make a difference because in the things of the spirit, Age doesn't matter" 

"Only few churches know what they are doing, a Prophet is needed and this generation is passing away, the Lord is looking for the young generation to stir up the camp of the enemy with confusion"

He shared with the Congregation, the types of Churches you can find presently in Nigeria which are

- Vanity Churches

- Occultist  Churches

- Jolly Churches

- Business Churches

- Sick Churches

- Compromising Churches

- Presidential Churches (Only meant for VIPs)

- Academic Churches ( If you don't have a first degree or PhD, you can't attend)

- Shallow Churches

- Cool Churches

- Fighting Churches.

"You are committing a sin that God said, He will supervise your punishment and one prophet is saying you are going to the top, Which top are you going to?" He asked the congregation.

"The kind of messages preached in most churches nowadays are Panadol messages, Cool messages, Juicy messages and worldly messages"

"You have only one life and it would soon be over, He who waste time would waste life because Life is made up of Time. Time comes to all of us, it was for no man and the lost time can never be regained. Time is valuable" He added.

To wrap up his sermon, Dr. Olukoya asked the Youths if God could tell trust them with 5 things which were

- Time

- Talents

-  The Tongue

-  The Gospel

- Influence

He said "Can God trust you with Time? Half of the time we spend on Social media, if the time is spent on Reading the word of God and praying, many lives would be better"

"Can God Trust you with your Talents? Are you using your talents to please God or Devil? Is your talents an asset or a liability because someday, you will give an account on how you spent your talents"

"Can God trust you with your Tongue? One secret of Power, if you know when to talk, what to say then you will become a Power House for God but if you are a Fool and talk carelessly, your mouth is the door to your soul. God isn't a TALKATIVE, speak no evil of no man."

"Can God trust you with the Gospel? The Gospel must not be sugar-coated, the gospel must not be used to manipulate people because its the highest calling on earth.

"Can God trust you with Influence? No man dies it lives for himself, whatever you do will influence one person someday. It is sad but truth, as great as influence is, most people are influenced negatively" He added.

 In conclusion, He shared 5 Ways on How to Make A Difference and Be A Wanted Young Prophet which were:

- Surrender your Life

- Repent from every known sin

- Cry to God for Revival

- Determine you must do something for your master

- Be a Power generator for God

Prayer: Oh Lord my God,  Break Me and Remould Me, In the mighty name of Jesus

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