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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: To Be A DJ, You Must Have The Ability To Read Moods - DJ Casper @caspersandra


Being a DJ you have to have sonic empathy, that’s the ability to read moods, to identify what sort of sounds your audience might connect with to keep them engaged in a party or gig’ - DJ Casper
DJ Casper / Mystreetz Magazine
DJ Casper / Mystreetz Magazine
On my travels from one end of the country to another in Nigeria, meeting several people and hearing their story is very inspiring. Gone are the days when society was limiting the female folks from daring to become what they dreamed of. Today like never before, the access to information and education has blurred the lines between what a female and male can achieve. I think this generation is so lucky to be inhabitants of a world where everyone can chose to become whatsoever they want to become considering the opportunities around them. Is it not a thing of joy to be part of a generation where you can be schooling and still make money from the music, modelling, fashion, photography and DJ’ing industry. I am of the opinion that there is no excuse not to find a way to excel. DJ Casper is one of the few who have taken charge of tomorrow’s female and the bright future ahead.
‘My name is Uduimoh Sandra Yesima, a 400 level Public Administration student of Ambrose Ali University, an entrepreneur and a female deejay. I got into DJ’ing like a year ago but didn’t really take it seriously because of school and other personal ish. However, I became serious mid 2016, when DJ Instinct (Reminisce’s DJ) heard me mix and encouraged me to take it seriously and he started putting me through stuff I needed to master and DJ Derek (Flavour’s DJ) helped me out too (I am lucky like that).
DJ Casper / Mystreetz Magazine
DJ Casper / Mystreetz Magazine
Kindly describe life as a female DJ?
The entertainment industry is a difficult place to carve out a career especially as a female, but to me being a female DJ has been pretty awesome, a lot of people believing in you, getting support from male DJs encouraging you. I’d say being a DJ was just what I needed to do cos of my love for music, the joy of mixing tracks, bouncing around on stage for hours and the connection you get with the crowd is priceless. The only issue now is time, your relationship with family and friends, missing out on weddings, meetings and stuff cause you got prior engagements but I always try to make it up to them and thanks to God I got understanding friends and family.
What stands you out as a DJ and what will your audience remember you for after listening to you?
My beauty, lol just joking. Being a DJ you have to have sonic empathy, that’s the ability to read moods, to identify what sort of sounds your audience might connect with to keep them engaged in a party or gig. There are one to three persons you must pay attention to in the crowd or on the dancefloor, they set the tone for the night and that is what I feel stands me out and what they will remember me for while playing because every DJ out there can mix but not all can connect to their audience.
How did your folks respond to you the first day they realized you chose a career in DJ’ing and how are they responding now?
My mom responded pretty well, she was just concerned about my ability to mix schooling and Disc Jockeying. My elder sis (queen_winifred) was like ‘Yeah, go kid sis! I heard there is money there.’ My dad? Not pretty well but now he is supporting 100%, even posting my pictures on every social network he is on. I don’t even get to hear my real name at home anymore just DJ Casper LOL!
Are you a resident DJ anywhere now?
Not yet but I just play as a guest DJ at events and clubs. I am considering Club Joker’s offer because my school is closer, so it would be less stressful for me.
Are you considering being a celebrity official DJ?
Yes I have got offers, but soon you would find out my choice.
Culled from Mystreetz Magazines

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