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Monday, 6 February 2017

EFIWE GISTS: The Peaceful Protest Has Ended But The Social Media Revolution Continues - Seyi Law @seyilaw1

Comedian Seyi Law has assured Nigerians that #IStandWithNigeria National protest still continues on Social media even though the Protest march has ended today.

Three minutes ago, He posted the picture on his IG page @seyilaw1 and captioned it:

"Together, we marched today with a common goal and demands. We want a responsive government from local to state and federal. A synergy between the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of government to help draw up laws and policies that will favour every Nigerian who diligently seek the betterment of the country."

"We demand Accountability and Transparency. We asked our government to reduce the cost of governance in the country and help us improve and reform the health care system. Solution to the eratic power situation of the country will be greatly appreciated. We talked about fighting corruption without bias and reshuffling of the present cabinet and political offices holders for the right technocrats."

"It is also in our best interests that we asked for the government's economic plans to show us a roadmap out the recession. Security is the right of all Nigerians no matter the religion or ethnicity. We are asking our government across all levels to be proactive and make information readily available to Nigerians. We deserve to know. 
The Peaceful Protest march has ended for today, but the social media revolution continues. Keep posting and tweeting. Thanks  #IStandWithNigeria #NigeriansProtest.

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