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Friday, 17 February 2017

EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: UI Applicant Narrates How He Almost Got Scammed Over Admission

UI Applicant, name withheld, narrates how He almost got scammed while processing his admission to the premier university, University of Ibadan this year.

Mr X, who scored 252 in Jamb, 68.33 as aggregate but was not shortlisted for admission by the University because the cut off mark for the course he chose was 70.87 got a message from an unknown number claiming to be the University Management.

After further research and follow-up, He discovered that it was a scam but the identity of the scammer was revealed during the process.

Unibadan Efiwe has decided to hid all identities due to reasons best known to Us but you can read the convo btw UI Applicant with UE and also see screenshots.

We decided to share the story with the World people and to inform other UI Applicants who received similar messages to avoid getting scammed by Fraudsters.

UI App - I almost got scammed at Ui sef. I left last week

UE - How bro???

UI App - Admission scam

UE - how come?

UI App - Chill lemme send you something. I had 68.333 as aggregate, 252 in jamb, And a very good waec result
But, my course's cutoff is 70.87.  I wasn't on the list So i lost all hope. Then a few days ago, two weeks exactly from today i got a message that's it which I sent earlier.  I told my brother Mr Y who's an alumni of UI who told me to come to UI first before doing anything.

UE - Who sent the message? Maybe it was Jamb that gave you the admission or something..

UI App - The message was headed with UI, no number.

UE - Did you call the number that dey added to the msg?

UI App - When I got to Ui , I told the guy that I'm at Ui and he said I should find a bank and pay the acceptance into it. Then I said , I can't pay without seeing him in person Then he stopped picking his call.

UE - Okay he gave you a bank account number right??

UI App - No he said I should get to the bank then he'll gimme acct number. I got the acct number later though

UI App - So I decided to go to Ui admin block. When I got to admin, they said they didn't send any message That they called applicants given admission after list was out.. Meanwhile my portal didn't change.

UE - Did you show them the message you received?

UI App - Yes. The woman there actually called the guy
At the end we found out it was a scam.

The guy told me my portal will change 24 hours after I pay acceptance into his acct. The guy didn't know I was at admin. She was trying to see if the voice was familiar and it wasn't, the guy wasn't a staff.

Then my bro Mr Y who just got back from one awards called him That he should send his acct so we can transfer. The guy sent it,  acct name was University of Ibadan and a strange Acct number.

 You know while doing internet banking , all you need is acct number and the name will pop up.

We entered the acct number and the name was Mr Z not University of Ibadan

UE - Student voice or like an adult voice?

UI App - Adult...From the voice, he was probably late 30's or early forties...

Mr X - Name of Narrator
Mr Y - Brother of Narrator
Mr Z - Alleged Adult scammer

See screenshots below:

To share your own story with, mail [email protected] or DM @unibadan_efiwe. We keep you anonymous.

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