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Monday, 9 January 2017

EFIWE INTERIEW: It Was An Experience Of Nothing Good Comes Easy - Miss FATSSA 2016, Areola Iyanuoluwa

Meet Areola Iyanuoluwa, a 200 Level Student of the Department of Political Science, Faculty of The Social Sciences, University Of Ibadan.

Areola is a Student Model and the New Queen of The Faculty Of Social Sciences, University Of Ibadan ( Miss FATSSA 2016).

Unibadan Efiwe had an interview with Her, Read what said below as She talks about Her Modeling Career, Her Title, reveals Her Godfather and many more in New Interview

Can We Meet You?

My name is Areola Iyanuoluwa, a 200 Level Student of the Department of Political Science, Faculty Of The Social Sciences, University Of Ibadan. 

Why are You interested in Modeling?

Apart from passion, I'm interested in Modeling for empowering my way to becoming successful so that anything I'm  doing as a Career in future, would be more easier. 

You recently won Miss FATSSA 2015/2016 how do you feel about that?

I feel elated actually. It makes me feel and believe it's a stepping stone to greater things.

What's the Secret to your Success as Miss FATSSA? Was any godfather behind you during the pageant?

I wished tho. Actually, there was one Godfather behind me and that was God. The master planner perfected my plans and made it a success.

Tell Us your Experience during Miss FATSSA 2016?

To be precise, it was an experience of nothing good comes easy.

Tell Us how was your relationship with other Contestants at the boot camp?

We had a nice relationship even though it was a short period of bootcamping. We were all friends actually. 

What would have been your reaction If you did not emerge as Miss FATSSA 2016?

It would have been a real disappointment for me but it would make me readjust my lapses and be a form of encouragement for the goals ahead. 

What should FATSSAites be expecting from their New Queen?

As the new queen, I'll make sure I represent FATSSSA adequately according to FATSSSAites expectation. 

Tell Us Briefly what You think FATSSAites would be expecting from their New Queen?

I believe as the queen, FATSSAites expects me to represent them in moral wise, fashion wise, in intelligence, and basic other things. 

I've  also decide to make myself a role model to majorly female FATSSAites in character and learning.

What are your Goals as a Model?

My goal as a model would always be aiming at the best in whatever I do and giving out a better choice. 

Are you currently working on any project with Mr and Miss UI?


Tell Us brief about your Family Background?

A monogamous family of Six, three siblings which I happened to be the last born and the third girl. A Christian home.

For the benefits of FATSSAites, Is there any upcoming Project(s) You working on with Mr FATSSA?

Not yet. 

What's Your own definition of Advertisement industry and Photography?

To me, Advertisement industry and photography is an expressive art form that aids expression without story. 

What inspired you to contest for Miss FATSSA?

A lot. The greatest of all was what I felt from within which was GO FOR IT. 

After the Overall performances from all Contestants, Did You know You were going to emerge as Miss FATSSA 2016?

Yes actually.

Prior to your response about Representing FATSSA adequately according to their expectations, FATSSA is a Large, How do you intend to manage that?

Actually, it's impossible but I intend to represent based on standard widely accepted and other feasible emerging ones.

Are you confirming that the Performances from other contestants were poor compared to yours?

No. We all did our best but I was just confident of my own best.

Are you currently signed to any Modeling agency?

Yes but can't disclose that yet.

What are the Challenges you face as a Model?

One of the major challenges I face is coping with familiarity.

How has Modeling changed other aspects of your Life?

Modeling has changed how I relate with people especially for the first time.

If You could have a Super Power, What would that power be and Why?

Run to heaven and come back because I would love to see how paradise looks like.

How often do You do exercise or go to the gym?

Let me rate myself 6 out of 10

Where do you see yourself in the Next 3-4 Years?

In the next 3-4 Years, I see myself making waves in the Fashion Industry. *smiles* 

After Emerging as Miss FATSSA 2016, Would you be contesting for Miss UI next Year?

I'm still contemplating but when the time comes everyone would know about it.

Being a Model and also a Student, how do you cope?

It's no big deal because God has always been there to support me.

Are your parents in support of your Modeling career?

Yes, they are. 

Are you in a Relationship?

Yes, I am. 

What's your favorite Quote? 

Knowing a little about everything and knowing all about something is the key to greater height.

Any word/advice to others aspiring to be a Model?

It's all about perseverance, humility and branding. Be yourself and let God be involved in everything you do. 

Checkout Areola's Statistic Below: 

HEIGHT:  5.6
BUST: 39
HIPS: 36

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