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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Ferrari 488 Worth N218Million Spotted In Ibadan! | Who Say Ballers No Dey IBCity? @shurlar_ymc @supercarsofnigeria

The city of rusted roofs, Ibadan has become one of the fastest developing cities as far as entertainment, social life, entrepreneurship is concerned in Nigeria.

Few minutes ago, WhatsupIbadan @whatsupibadan posted a picture of Ferrari 488 which was spotted at an undisclosed location in Ibadan.

Ferrari 488 is worth almost $400,000 plus another 70percent ($280,000) to clear it which makes it approximately N218m when you multiple $680K by the current dollar rate.

Who say Ballers no dey Ibadan?? You must be a joker!  Me too dey gossip abi? Don't mind me

Photo Credit: @whatsupibadan

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