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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Facebook User Steals IG User Picture, Declares Grandmother Dead

There's absolutely nothing that cannot be stolen in Nigeria.  Attention-seeking Facebook user steals the picture of Nigerian IG user, declares his grandma dead.

On Jan 7th, IG User Bolojay @emperor_bolojay shared a picture of himself with his 117-year-old grandma on his IG page and captioned it:

 "Too blessed to have her #💝💝💝 lol she's now a little baby. The only time she comes out is when I'm in Nigeria. Love you so much mami agba. 117 years no be child play.."

Few days later, Facebook User, Elvid  Dervishi  who stole @emperor_bolojay picture posted it on his timeline, declaring his grandma dead.

He said "My grandmother passed away today 117 years old. Her last wish was just to get a R.I.P. Please don't scroll down."

Orisirisi!! Things we see on social media.

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