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Saturday, 7 January 2017

EFIWE GISTS: Lagosian Reveals How He Was Saved From Police Extortion And Brutality Yesterday @stephenkobams

Continue from video: "They told me to either unlock my phone and let them check it or i follow them to station. I told them i need to call my parents and tell them their son is going to jail but my request was denied and they started mentioning names of yahoo boys that i probably work with one of em. .

All this drama was right in the middle of a busy road, everyone that passed at that moment will probably think the police are working and they have caught a criminal. I was marched to their van where i met police No 6. .

He sounded polite at first till he said you will go to jail unless you open your phone. I told him i prefer jail then police no 2 used his gun to hit me and told me to enter the van.

I told him i have never entered a police van and i don't think i can follow them anywhere without my parents knowing my whereabouts. He pushed me inside the van and said "i know you are a yahoo boy, just settle us."

I told him me settling you guys means am a yahoo boy and am not. Police No 1 started making a fake call. He looked at me after the call and said " when you get to the station, we have experts , they will open ur iphone in seconds without ur password.

He threatened me that they were going to open a cyber fraud case file for me and i will be tortured. Right there, I spotted the deputy police PRO Aliyu giwa.

He was coming to that same place cuz they harassed someone earlier. I quickly jumped out of the van and ran to where Aliyu giwa was standing. He asked them why they put me inside their van and they said i look like a yahoo boy. .

He asked me if they had collected anything from me & returned it.

Read What UnilagOlodo Posted while reposting the Story On IG

@Regrann from @unilagolodo  -  I can't count how many times I've personally experienced this crap! Only person making me like the Nigerian police is @aleeygiwa I just hope something is done about the police. 

We've lost faith in them so much in this country because of the bad eggs who have supernatural gift of spotting yahoo boys because you look nice and use an iPhone. 

When the real scammers roll in with their Benz na happy weekend sir you go dey hear.

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