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Thursday, 19 January 2017

EFIWE GISTS: Download Unibadan Efiwe Mobile App Version 1.3 And Help A Child Learn For Free @unibadan_efiwe

In a quest to bring you the latest updates, quick and better access to all our Online platforms, We are glad to announce the launching of UE Mobile App Ver.1.3

What's New About UE Mobile App Ver.1.3

- Automated Feeds Updates from Unibadan Efiwe: With the UE Mobile App Ver.1.3, You get the latest updates from with just a Click.

- Efiwe Scores: With the UE Mobile App Ver.1.3, You can get Live Scores of your favourite Clubs and also Download Latest Football Highlights of your favorite Clubs.

You can also visit for Web Version on your browser.

- Efiwe TV: With the UE Mobile App Ver. 1.3,  You can watch the latest Movies and experience the Best of Entertainment and Lifestyle on your Screen all for Free.

- Download UIE Messenger: With the UE Mobile App Ver.1.3, you get free access to Download UIE Messenger, an Online Chat App where you can connect with your Family and Friends around the World.

 You can join the community of Over 5000 Users who are currently chatting with UIE Messenger.

- Follow UE On all Social Media Platforms: With the UE Mobile App Ver.1.3, You can Follow updates of Unibadan Efiwe via our Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

- Free Dps For Use - With UE Mobile App Ver.1.3, You get Free Display Pictures (DPs) which you can use and would fit in every moments of your Life.

Why UE Mobile App Version 1.3 is FREE For Download

- UE Mobile App Ver.1.3 is available for FREE On Playstore because the Purpose of the App Creation is to raise FUNDS for development and establishment of an Academy called ClimaxBox Academy.

We are seeking to raise a certain amount of money for the StartUp and Running of ClimaxBox Academy, an Academy where Children can Learn and Train more about Software/Web Development, Marketing Services and many more.

Note: The interest rate and agreement are to be further discussed during negotiation.

80% of the Funds generated from Downloads of UE Mobile App Ver.1.3 would be added to the Capital for the Official Startup and running of the Academy so it simply implies that Once you Download the UE Mobile App Ver 1.3, you are also helping a Child Train and Learn for FREE.

Download UE Mobile App Ver.1.3 And Help A Child Learn Today. 

Also, Refer A Friend To Download UE Mobile App.

 UE Mobile App Ver.1.3 was created/published by a Learner from ClimaxBox Academy.  

Download UE Mobile App Ver.1.3 Below


For More Enquires and Info about ClimaxBox Academy, Mail Us: 

Unibadan Efiwe: [email protected] 

Adejoke: [email protected]

Emiloju: [email protected]

Akinyemi: [email protected]

ClimaxBox Academy, We aspire to Inspire Others

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