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Sunday, 11 December 2016

EFIWE NEWS: Why Three UISU Executives Were Suspended At The SRC Sitting - Phillip Olatinwo Sheds More Light @studentsunionui

Phillip Olatinwo, who's a Student of the University of Ibadan shed more light on why UISU Pres. Ojo Nifemi Emmanuel, VP, Aderoju Okunsanmi and Gen. Sec, Oluwafemi Adegbola were suspended yesterday during the Students Representatives Council's Sitting held at the SRC Chambers.

On Gen. Sec, Oluwafemi's Suspension: 

As it stands, Mr Adegbola Oluwafemi appeared before the 6th Assembly as a result of a petition filed against him on the 10th of December 2016.

 The petitioner hammered on the fact that Mr. Adegbola Oluwafemi participated in an examination malpractice which has dragged the reputation of the Union into mold. 

He also stated that the General Secretary has showed negligence of constitutional duties.

The members of the 6th Assembly gave the General Secretary the privilege to fair hearing. In his defence, he admitted that some issues occurred in the examination hall where he was told to vacate the examination hall. 

He admitted to the fact that he engaged in some discussions in the examination hall.
The members of the 6th Assembly debated and finalized that a five-man committee should investigate the allegation of examination misconduct and pending the time they will summit their report, the General Secretary should remain suspended.

Based on the negligence of constitutional duties as stated in the Students' Union Constitution, the General Secretary is hereby suspended indefinitely..

However, my reservation about the suspension is just that the General Secretary never felt remorse for doing what he admitted wrong.

Concerning Ojo Nifemi's Suspension He Said: 

Basically, Mr. Ojo Emmanuel Nifemi was suspended indefinitely based on contravention of the Students' Union Constitution and nonchalant attitude towards the affairs of the Union.

Mr Nifemi was indicted with regards to the collection of #385,000 from the School Management for NANS Convention.

 He collected the money and spent the money on NANS Convention without the approval of the Council. The Convention held twice in Gombe and Abuja where he spent #185,000 and #152,000 respectively. 

However, it should be noted that the President went to the Gombe Convention without the AGS while the AGS went with him for Abuja Convention.

Mr. Nifemi was also indicted for failure to tender an apology letter to the Council has recommended by the Disciplinary Committee he faced earlier.

 Also, the Disciplinary Committee compelled Nifemi to refund #2000 he used for the banner of the new Students' Union Logo he did without the approval of the Council. 

Nifemi paid the fine which should be from his personal pocket with the money of the Union as he paid the fine from his Monthly Recharge Card Allowance allocated to his office. This shows he paid a fine with public fund meant for Call Card.

Several other issues also induced the suspension of Nifemi. These include;

1) The sales of Marcopolo bus single handedly by Nifemi without the approval of the Council and a legal backing.

2) The failure of the Union Congress to be summon as his body language shows he was against the Congress.

3) The issue of Student ID Card

4) The increment in acceptance fee

5) The exploitation of the residents of Queens Hall and Queen Idia Hall. The residents of the named Halls were compelled to pay Accommodation form fee and Sign out fee respectively.

All these allegations led to the Suspension of Nifemi Indefinitely.

My reservation about his suspension remains that his nonchalant attitude towards the Union over the months piled up and ganged up against him. To me, he is just a confused man.


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