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Saturday, 10 December 2016

EFIWE NEWS: SRC Suspends UISU Gen. Sec, Adegbola Oluwafemi for Alleged Exam Misconduct @studentsunionui

Haleem Olatunji and Adedokun Seyi

The General Secretary of the University of Ibadan Students’ Union, Mr. Adegbola Oluwafemi, has been alleged of examination misconduct and negligence of duties, leading to his indefinite suspension by the Students’ Representatives Council (SRC) of the institution.

A petition which was written by a student of the University to the SRC and read out to Honorables present during the sitting of the Council on the 10th of December 2016, claimed that Mr. Adegbola Oluwafemi, a 400 level student of the Faculty of Law has brought disrepute to the Union as he was involved in an act of misconduct during the Environmental law examination and also as a result of neglecting his constitutional duties.

Mr. Femi, who was summoned to the front of the House, disclaimed the authenticity of the petition as he claimed that he was only asked to evacuate the Hall because he spoke with someone next to him.

He mentioned that the Faculty was yet to establish such as a malpractice. The Speaker of the house, Rt. Hon. Onifade Bello asked for confirmation from his colleagues who were present at the sitting.

Speaking on the issue, the Deputy Speaker of the Council, Hon. Layomi said,

“according to what I saw and heard, I noticed he was in front of the Lecturer…after the exam, people were saying that Femi brought in paper, that was not his first time. They also said that when they called him out, he was lackadaisical.” She added that, “I did not see it with my eyes o”.

Mr. Kunle Adebajo, who happens to be the class representative of the 400Level class of the Faculty of Law also said in his words that he wasn’t paying attention but added that, “exactly as the Deputy Speaker puts it.”

The President of the Law Students Society, Mr. Azeez Oladejo mentioned that although the General Secretary was alleged for examination misconduct, until such claim is established, no action is expected to be taken.

After motions were raised and votes were cast, the House established a five-man committee which is to investigate the issue and report to the Council in her next sitting.

 The General Secretary was suspended indefinitely with the condition that if he is not satisfied, he should appeal to the Congress. The Union’s properties in his disposal are to be handed over to the Assistant General Secretary of the Union, Mr. Kadri Babatunde.

Source: UCJ UI

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