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Saturday, 10 December 2016

EFIWE NEWS: "I Smell Politics" As UISU Executives Face Petitions At Today's SRC Sitting | Read STORY! @studentsunionui

After an article titled UItes, Let Us Not Be Fooled went viral, there has been a lot of heat around the University Campus as the University's Students' Union were petitioned. Series of Stories has developed since then. Read Full Story Below:

The Article that went Viral:

He who wants to judge a man must first present himself as a saint. You can never give what you do not have. The educator must first be educated.

It has come to the notice of the general public and Uites at large that some students had written petition to the legislative arm (SRC) against the Students' Union executives.

In as much as this petition is a very good one, we will like to remind Adedokun Godsent and Gaddafi that their work have not ended yet except they want to be bias, insincere, unjust, untruthful to themselves and be full of corrupt thoughts.

Why would you ask a blind man to lead a blind man? You petitioned the executives because of suspected negligence and non transparency, who then do you feel will petition the legislative arm it self?

It has come to our notice that the 6th Assembly of the so called SRC was given more than #1 million naira by the present executives base on their request for the running of the assembly. Up till this moment you read this article, no Gaddafi, no Adedokun Godsent, no UCJ, no press men, no Prince Alison and no Philip Olatinwo is aware of this not to talk of probing them.

These set of people kept on emphasizing on #15 million naira  and so many irrelevance, which are mere speculations. It is only in University of Ibadan Students' Union that I know that union members keep looking for a way of jeopardizing the little efforts of their representatives. Unlike other universities and polytechnics that we know, UI Students' Union members attack their representatives base on personal reasons and sentiments.

The unfortunate part is that most of these petitioners are if not graduates, about to live the school. Another basic problem we have in University of Ibadan is that we leave important issues and keep wandering about on issues that will never yield results and tackle problems base on personal interest.

It is in this light that we challenge 
* The legislative arm to come out transparent to the general Uites to give us a thorough breakdown of our they spent the more than #1 million naira given to them since July.
* The executives and legislative arm to ensure that our accommodation and school fees are not increased. Failure which the entire students of this university will cry out aloud watch all of you evacuate your seats. (It is better not to have contested and won, than for you not to fight for our rights, after your emergence)

Uites, wake up, you have to make hay while the sun shines

I am a concerned Nigerian student.

No personal interest attached
No political platform either. 

The Reply to the Article by another Student:


I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.
- Albert Einstein

     When I came across the write-up this morning, antagonism pulped in my mind without been gone through . But when I finished the scroll, I see that it needs a sharp reply.

    Do you know a wild,trained dog? How it eats some animals and watch out for others? If you've seen that, then you should know it all. Let me  address the issue once and for all: The same Bukola Saraki who was arraigned for false declaration does not stop sitting at the senate house and address issues. And at the same time, petitioners are not judges. Whenever a petition is been written,it is to show that man should not be wise in his own eyes and it is left to those that will judge,either to judge based on their transparency or shot themselves at the leg. The concern of UITE is to know the accountability status of the  Students' Union Executives and right to ask about their status management. Mind you,the writer still remains the writer.

     Speaking as the mouthpiece of UITES and standing against all odds, I tell you, the watchdog that watches till this moment is not tired. This has been issues arising in every government and the funny scenario is a judge that judges will himself be judged either by the law or moral. The petition might appear bias but addressing the SRC issue also by the writer without giving a thought to the petition, it is also bias and I doubt the concerned 'Uite' scribbled in it.

   Furthermore, I smell politics. If they reiterate  it to my auditory faculty, it would go straight and hit its point. After the petition has been written, my nose and ears have been on ground. I noticed some odds at the SUB but maybe some people were planning to figure out a fault and tie the rope around the SRC so that they won't be able to attend to the petition,I do not know- You've said a blind cannot lead a blind.

    Moreover, when a personal interest palava is sliced into the trait of a character that goes against odds, I think, even the 'sayer' is insincere in his speech.

The unfortunate part is that most of these petitioners are if not graduates, about to live the school. Another basic problem we have in University of Ibadan is that we leave important issues and keep wandering about on issues that will never yield results and tackle problems base on personal interest.

      Maybe you will be flabbergasted if I say I'm not a finalist. I'm not near leaving so soon. And if it is a talk of personal interest, I will say, *'the man dies in him who because of a crumb,lies, kills, spoils and damages the image of a fellow'*. If one tries to please UITES by writing such, he is he is a braggadocio and he is dead than the dead.

Then the REPORTS from the SRC Sitting which held today at the SRC Chambers. 

According to reports, the First case treated was the case of the UISU General Secretary, Oluwafemi Adegbola, who was suspended indefinitely by the SRC after being involved in Examination Misconduct.

"A petition was written to the assembly against the General Secretary of the Student's Union, University of Ibadan, Adegbola Oluwafemi aka Boko was accused of negligence of duty and involvement in examination malpractice which is therefore a stain to the union.

"A petition was written to the assembly against the Nifemi-led administration for misappropriation of resources, negligence of duty of some Executives members."

" A petition was written to the assembly against the Vice-president and Treasurer by Adedokun Seyi, The Vice-president was accused of mismanagement of fund, wastage and other trivial issues, the Treasurer was accused of not managing the fund properly, no pragmatic Accountability as promised."

"The Union of Campus Journalists petitions the Executive arm of the Union for their purported plan to start charging the UCJ as an association to start paying rent of their office use. The house have refused to grant the request of the UCJ." 

"The SRC 6th Assembly has tendered it financial statement, the approved budget as documented is N1,290,460.5 income from the Union is 1,075,500. Totally Generated Revenue is 14,000. Total income is 1,089,500.. The total expenditure is N674,585, Total balance in bank is N404,465.52 while the total money at hand is 10,000"

Concerning UISU General Secretary, Oluwafemi's Examination Misconduct Case, "The LSS President was at the sitting to say his own account of the story, the Course Rep of Law 400 level, Mr. Kunle Adebajo was at the sitting though he claimed he was engrossed with his exams and he didn't notice what happened during the exam, Miss Iyanu, Deputy Speaker also testified that she saw Boko in front of the exam Hall on the day of exam after 30mins of the exam with the invigilator arguing/talking, and he was walked out of the exam Hall. "

"Boko did claimed he was sent of the hall because he was talking to a fellow course mate in the exam Hall during the course of the exam."

"Miss Iyanu did furthermore stressed that he was given a special seat in the next exam they wrote."

According to another source, who was also at the SRC Sitting, He said:

"Some disgruntled members of the Union who wanted money from the excos for personal issues are behind the heat, one of them sticks requested for about #30,000 some days ago, for the other I've listened to an audio recording of one requesting for money, settlement."

"It's not an easy case before the House, but some of the executives are guilty of the allegations levelled against them."

Concerning the UISU VP, Aderoju and N1Million Case, Our Source who was reporting live from the SRC Chambers said:

"A Million naira was collected by the Vice-President, Aderoju and it was not remitted into the Union account and the vice President is not around to say otherwise"

"Both the President and the treasurer have confirmed that the money was not remitted.

More Updates coming soon. Refresh Page 

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