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Saturday, 24 December 2016

EFIWE GOSSIP: Wizkid Responds To Viral Video About Him Snubbing Eva Alordiah's Fiance, See What He Posted! @wizkidayo

Wizkid has responded to claims that he deliberately snubbed Eva Alordiah’s fiance.

The poor guy was left standing there, looking around for someone to save him from the shame.
The snubbed man turned out to be TV presenter, actor and model, Caesar, who also happens to be music star, Eva Alordiah‘s fiance. Wizkid had ignored him and gone on to hug Eva, a more familiar face.

The question on everyone’s lips now is why? Why did Wizkid embarrass Caesar in such an epic manner? Did he not see him standing? Is he not familiar with him? And if not, why did Caesar stretch out his arms in such an over-familiar manner when they’re barely even friends?

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