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Thursday, 22 December 2016

EFIWE GISTS: "Thank You For Your Tremendous Support" - IHUD Convener, Oluwafisayomi Elizabeth

Following The Orphans Christmas Support Event which held at the University of Ibadan Students' Union Events Centre on Saturday, December 17, 2016 and was tremendously supported by people,  Initiative for Human Development (IHUD) Convener, Oladapo Oluwafisayomi Elizabeth releases appreciation/feedback statement.

Oluwafisayomi is a 200 Level Student of the Department of Adult Education,  University of Ibadan.

 IHUD was created for the purpose of reaching out to the less privileged and for the purpose of reducing poverty in the society.

IHUD's Mission is to bring Youths and Children together to spring up innovative ideas to eradicate poverty or to bring it down to the lowest level

See what she wrote below:

Dear all, 

this message is to provide feedback on the Orphans Christmas Support Event held at the University of Ibadan Students Union Events Centre on Saturday, December 17, 2016. We believe that you all deserve to get feedback on the event in view of the tremendous support we received for the program 

The event was preceded by fundraising through publicizing with broadcast of messages and countdown photographs on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The broadcast elicited positive reactions in terms of commendations, words of encouragement as well as donations ranging from N1,500 to N20,000. 
The total sum of N57,000 was donated by various person including Mr. Obatunde Oladapo, Mr. Joel Mayowa, Mr. Oyedun Oluwatobiloba Mayowa, Ms Jumai Henrietta Danuk, Mr. Adesina SalamMr. Falana Martin-Mary, Ms Olayide Akanni,Professor Oladapo Ladipo, Dr. Baba-Gana Adam and Mr. Fatoki Timmy- Lagbaja 

The use of the University of Ibadan Students Union Events Centre venue for the event was provided free of charge by the University of Ibadan Students Union House Secretary Osasona Adekusibe. The deejay that entertained us at the event provided his services free of charge as well.
The expenses for the event are as follows:Decoration - N4,000Food - N18,000Transportation for the children from and back to the orphanages and homes - N7,000Ballpoint Pens - N1,000Erasers - N250Rulers - N1,750Sharpeners - N600Pencils - N600Sweets - N3,100Noodles - N3,600Bobo drinks - N2,400Biscuits - N2,500Balloons - N350Gift packs - N810Cake - N4,000Total = N49,960 
By the end of the event, we still had the sum of N7,040 as funds left over. 

The Orphans Christmas Support was an opportunity for the target beneficiaries to have fun, mix with other children and for us to provide various gifts for the children. For some of the children, it was their first Christmas party outside their orphanages and home for children with disabilities. 

A total of 50 orphans and children with disabilities were involved in the activities. A funny instance was when one of the children approached me and innocently asked: Aunty, are we coming back again tomorrow? I had to explain to him that Christmas is once a year but that we will soon be coming back to them.  
On behalf of all my colleagues who worked tirelessly to organizing the event  namely Oluwabori Oluwajoba, Favour Jonah, Favour Egbuaba, Ogunbinu Pelumi, Orimoloye Omowumi, Oyedeji Olufemi, Jimi Kelvin, Ajagbe Babatunde and Alofe Feranmi.
I wish to express our profound gratitude to everyone who has donated their money, services, words of encouragement and appreciation in various ways thereby making our aim of putting smiles on the faces of these wonderful children a success. 
We wish to promise you that this will not be our last form of support for the children. We are already looking forward to Valentines Day celebration with our little friends. 
We shall intimate you with our plans very soon. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017. 

Thank you so much. We love you all.

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