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Sunday, 11 December 2016

EFIWE GISTS: "Nifemi's Suspension Is A Corruption" - Students Reacts On Facebook After UISRC Suspends Three Executives In Less Than 24Hours @studentsunionui

Three Executives Suspended, UISU Pres. Ojo Nifemi, VP Aderoju and Gen. Sec, Oluwafemi Adegbola

Students of the University of Ibadan began to express their minds/dissatisfaction via Social Media Platform, Facebook after the Students Representative Council, University Of Ibadan suspended Three Students Union Executives which were UISU Pres, Ojo Nifemi @the_nifemi , VP. Aderoju @aderojusmallz and Gen. Sec, Oluwafemi.

Read Some of their Comments and Screenshots below:

"UISRC Can suspend someone's CGPA. Keep it safe or else. Ayaf talk my own" 

"You must end up being a criminal if you steal from the Union dues and other funds... Why are you  mad na"

"VP Sef don join the suspension train, oti was doju e bayii. Abeg let's sing this song together 
U.I SRC wah...wah didu!!!
Someone cannot play with you
Is that how you use to do??" 

"What of financial secretary and treasurer, won't they suspend them too"

 "Hat trick for UISRC #WayForward" 

"Problems in UI SU, #projectwork ko #projectfame ni" 

"We aren't running on morality here, its legality. Hon Boniface from Zik Hall, Ion know why Zik no win Jaw war @jawwar_ui" 

" Project Fraud"

 "The SRC Sitting tonight is hotter than fire. #grabachair."

 "Nifemi's @the_nifemi suspension is a corruption"  

More Updates soon

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