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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: It's Your Attitude And Not Your Aptitude That Determines Your Altitude - Miss Napssa Nigeria 2016, Adepele Owoade

Meet Owoade Oluwayemisi Adepele, a 200 Level Student of the Department of Political Science, Faculty of the Social Sciences, University Of Ibadan.

She's a Runway Model and recently won Miss Napssa Nigeria 2016. Unibadan Efiwe had an Interview with Miss Adepele and Below is what She has to say about Her Title, Modeling Career and lots more.

Can We meet You?

My name is Owoade Oluwayemisi Adepele, a 200 Level Student of the Department of Political Science, Faculty of the Social Science, University Of Ibadan.

What does Modeling means to You?

It means business and fun, fashion looking good. It also means selling yourself and selling other people.

How do you describe your Style?

Basically, I haven't found my style or niche yet. I'm still trying to find my bearing. 

What are some of the main differences between Runway and Photographic Modeling?

There are lots of differences between the two of them but the basic difference is that Runway models showcase and sell other people's work and products so they basically don't have to naturally good looking, what is needed is their body. 

Runway models have to be really good with their work on heels. On the other hand, Photographic models sell their body. 

They advertise their body and they don't have to be size zero or very slim and skinny. It would also be an added advantage of they are extremely pretty. *smiles*

You recently won Miss Napssa Nigeria 2016, how did you feel about after you emerged as Miss Napssa Nigeria'16?

Well, I was quite excited. I felt like I was growing and developing. My profile was getting better.

Tell Us your experience during Miss Napssa Nigeria 2016?

Well, it was quite an experience both good and bad. Things almost went wrong at a point but I ended up Victorious all thanks to God.

What are your Goals as a Model?

There are no lifetime goals yet just want to take it a step at a time and see what life has to offer.

Tell Us the challenges You face as a Model?

There has been no serious challenges so far I have been able to balance it with my day-to-day activities.

Who are some of Your favorite Models and Designers and Why??

Mayowa Ogundele, Seun Logan, Opeyemi Awoyemi, Denolagrey, Raphael Kwame,  Agbani Darego, Anyadike Unaku and lots more.

They are making it big out there and I hope to be where they are and surpass them soon. Basically, I like what they do. What they do interest me and they do it well.

How has Modelling changed other aspects of Your Life?

It has exposed me to a lot, I see life in a different perspective. I used to be quite naive but now am kinda opened sort of.

It has also helped me improve my fashion sense too.

Tell Us about your Family Background? 

There's nothing much to know about my family, just the usual mum, dad and kids kind of family.

Are You Signed to any Modeling Agency?

Nope, I'm not. 

If You are signed to a Modelling Agency, What would You love to accomplish at that Modelling Agency?

I would love to be a top notch runway model with the help of my agency. I also have MBGN in my agenda.

What's Your own definition of Advertisement Industry and Photography?

Advertisement is all about marketing a product and getting to products to the right consumer. The chain of production is not complete if it doesn't get to the final consumer.

What else do you do aside being a Model?

I'm learning hair dressing and I'm also a public speaker although I haven't been doing much of it lately.

Describe a typical day in the life of Adepele?

I love to sleep, I can sleep an entire day if allowed to. I love having very restful days with loads of fun in between.

What's your favourite Quote?

It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.

If You could have One Super Power, what will that be and Why? 

If I could have Super powers, it would be ability to disappear and reappear.

Being a Student and also a Model,  How do You cope? 

I have been able to balance my modeling activities with school work well, no much problems so far.

How has Social Media played a role in your Modelling?

Social Media has really helped in pushing my career as a Model especially WhatsApp and Instagram. I get to meet lots of people through these platforms.

Are You in a Relationship?

I'm not in a relationship. I'm single and ready to mingle.

Any Words/advice for Youths out there who are interested in Modeling?

For youths out there who want to venture into modeling, it is a tough race but if you keep your head straight and know what you want, go for it and the sky would be your starting point. 

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