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Friday, 11 November 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Tourism Is An Important Source Of Income In Nigeria But It's Unknown To Many People - Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture, Queen Oyefule Adetoun

Meet Queen Oyefule Adetoun, a 300 Level Student of the Department of European Studies (German), Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan.

Adetoun is a Runway/Photogenic Model. On the 5th of November 2016, She was crowned Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture at Cultural Center, Kuto, Abeokuta.

Unibadan Efiwe met with Queen Adetoun, Below is what She has to say as She talks about Her passion for Culture, Tourism and lots more

Can We Meet You?

My name is Queen Oyefule Adetoun, a 300 Level Student of the Department of European Studies (German), Faculty of Arts, University Of Ibadan.

Why are you interested in Modeling Career?

Well, I'm interested in Modelling because it opens doors to loads of opportunities like financial benefits, travel experiences and most importantly being part of the fascinating fashion industry.

On the 5th of November 2016, You were crowned Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture, how do you feel about that?

I feel extremely ecstatic because it's like I just secured a part of my future. 

Can You Tell Us  your Experience during Miss Tourism Ogun 2016?

My experience during camping and the D-day was extremely fun filled. I learnt many things especially self-development. My self esteem increased and it boosted my confidence too.

I also met new people that were impactful to me and really, there were no regrets.

Did you know you would emerge as the Winner Of Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture before You were crowned?

Sincerely, I wasn't sure I will be the Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture because everyone who took part in the Contest were great. They were competitive and experienced. So, it was just like a game of uncertainty.

What would have been your reaction if you didn't win Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture? 

Well, I'm human. I would have felt bad initially because of all the efforts put in but over time I would get over it and see it as a steeping stone to other platforms.

What's your own definitions of Culture and Tourism?

Culture to me is simply the collective ways of life that characterize a society or group of people.

Culture varies depending on people 's mentality and exposure.

Tourism is simply the act of traveling and sight seeing in order to accumulate experiences that will develop oneself.

What's your next plans after emerging as Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture?

My plans are still commercials for now because I can't get into any other pageant until I drop the post I am holding now as Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture.

What's your goal as a Model?

My topmost goals as a model is to have my face recognizable enough that clients are now selling themselves to me and not my agents selling me to them. Also, to be impactful in my society.

Tell Us Brief About Your Family Background

I am from a family of four, my parents and two children. I'm the first child and daughter. I attended F. G. G. C. Sagamu before proceeding to University Of Ibadan. 

My parents are the supportive ones so I had no choice than to make them proud.

What's Your own definition of Advertisement industry and Photography?

Advertisement is like public notice and Photography is producing images. Therefore, they work together because you can't publicize something without giving images as evidence.

Are you signed to any Modeling Agency?

Yes. Exquisite Models.

What are the challenges you face as a Model?

The main challenge I have is, looking graceful both on set and off set.

Who are some of Your favorite Models and Designers and Why??

I love Naomi Campbell and Tomi salami, a Nigerian and the fact that She is very impactful.

What are some differences between Runway and Photogenic Modelling?

Runway is walking on platforms majorly to create awareness on something while Photogenic modelling is simply depending on face.

If You could have a Super Power, What would that power be and Why?

If I have a super power, I would kill terrorism completely because I believe nobody deserves to die due to that.

You being signed to Exquisite Models, What would You love to accomplish at that Modelling Agency?

To be their top model and a major source of fame and income for them.

How often do you do exercise or go to the gym?

Sincerely, I do not. I'm just blessed with a fit stature tho I love dancing even when I'm just alone at home, so that could contribute too.

How has Modeling changed other aspects of your Life?

Without doubt, modelling has actually given me a wider exposure to life. It affected my whole life style positively and no regrets at all.

Where do you see yourself in the Next 3 - 4 Years?

In the next 3-4 years, I see myself as a hot cake in the industry and also someone who people look up to in all ways.

After emerging as Miss Tourism Ogun 2016 Culture, would you be contesting for MBGN anytime soon?

I see myself at top in the industry. I do not have plans to contest for MBGN. I mostly have interest in anything cultural. So my next target is Miss Lagos carnival (AGBEKE EKO).

Tell us 5 Tourist Centers you know in Nigeria?

Olumo rock, Ikogosi Water Spring, Zuma Rock, Whispering Palms, Idanre Hills.

In what way do you think Tourism can help and grow the Nigerian Economy?

Yeah, tourism is an important source of income to Nigeria but this is unknown to many people . Culture and history if preserved are things that can never go. 

Therefore, if our tourist centres are made fascinating, people from within and outside Nigeria will be encouraged to visit and inwardly, money is coming in.

What's your favorite Quote?

No matter how long a night is, the day is sure to come.

Being a Student and a Model, How do you cope?

Well, it's a matter of planning. I try to balance both because they are equally vital.

Are your parents in support of your Modeling Career?

Yes, they are hugely in support. They were even at the event to shout for me *smiles*

Are You in a Relationship?

Yes, I'm in a Relationship.

Any Words/Advice for other aspiring to be a Model?

My words for all aspiring models is simply hardwork, optimism and endurance.

Adetoun's Statistics is as follows

HEIGHT: 5'4 
BUST: 34 
HIPS: 36

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