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Saturday, 12 November 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: To Achieve Your Goals, People Must Always Talk - Miss UI 2016 1st Princess, Titilope Olanrewaju

Meet Titilope Olanrewaju, a 300 Level Student of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan.

Titilope who's popularly known as Becka was crowned Miss UI 2016 1st Princess during the Ivory King And Queen 2016.

Unibadan Efiwe had an Interview with Miss UI 2016 1st Princess, You can read below as She talks about the Ivory King And Queen 2016, the Event Committee, Judges, Her Academics and lots more.

Can We Meet You?

My name is Titilope Olanrewaju but I'm popularly known as Becka. I'm a 300 Level Student of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan.

Why are you interested in Modeling Career?

It has always been my dream and the older I grew, the more I got into the role. Apart from that, the modelling career brings a lot of opportunities all of which I hope to achieve and I also want to make a very important impact in the modelling industry.

You emerged as Miss UI 2016 1st Princess, how do you feel about that?

I feel very good because My hardwork paid off.

Going into the Miss UI 2016, what was your aim or target?

My aim was to win actually, coming second is still a win tho but I was aiming for the 1st position. 

I planned to use the position personally to better myself, develop my modelling career and most importantly, to develop the office of the Ivory Queen.

Tell us your experience during the Mr & Miss UI 2016?

Well, it was fun, stress, hardwork and plenty more. The boot camp was like no other! We were fed well, taken good care of and plenty other. 

The committee were very nice and they had our best interest at heart. The event too was so much fun for me. 

I told myself I was going there to be myself, have fun and that was exactly what I did!

What's the relationship between You and Miss Alice, who's Miss UI 2016?

We are good friends.

After emerging as Miss UI 2016 1st Princess,  What's your next plans?

Personally, I'm working on my modelling and like I did for my talent during the pageant, I'm developing my fashion design as well. 

There are other projects that my office plans to carry out as well.

Are you currently working on any project with Mr And Miss UI 2016?

Yes, I am.

What's your goal as a Model?

To be outstandingly different. To make a positive impact on the society generally.

Do you feel there was a misjudgment from the Judges and you were suppose to emerge as Miss UI 2016?

No, it was free and fair.

Tell Us Brief About Your Family Background

Well, I'm from a family of Six. I'm 2nd out of 4 Children. I have two Sisters and a brother which is the last child.

What's Your own definition of Advertisement industry and Photography?

Advertisement is a way of creating awareness about a product or service in an enticing manner to actract customers but Photography on the other hand is broader. 

I think it's basically capturing the moment to create unforgatttable memories.

Are you signed to any Modeling Agency?

No, not yet.

Is this your first time of contesting for Miss UI?

No. I contested during Sope's tenure but the event didn't hold.

What are the challenges you face as a Model?

For now, the major problem is being judged by the general public. Some people start to see you as proud, some see you as unserious, and plenty other things like that but you have to look beyond that.

To achieve your goals, people must always talk.

Who are some of Your favorite Models and Designers and Why??

Victoria Secret Models. They are always very beaitiful and classy, the design itself is very creative and they always have beautiful shows.

I love Yodit Yemane too, She's is super gorgeous and good at what she does. Zanoti is my favorite design. It's a very classy dramatic and fabulous design.

If You could have a Super Power, What would that power be and Why?

The power to heal. Actually, not just physical health and the likes but also to heal people in everyway possible. Heal broken hearts, heal wounded mindsets, heal financial hardships and so on.

What are some differences between Runway and Photogenic Modelling?

Well, a Runway model showcases designs in a show while a Photogenic model does photoshoot but One can do both.

Aside from Schooling and Modeling, What else do you do?

I'm into Fashion Designs.

How has Modeling changed other aspects of your Life?

Well, it has helped me discover myself even further. It has helped build my confidence and it's a start of my career. What I want to be, so except maybe some positive changes It hasn't changed anything really. It has brought me out even further. 

I've always wanted to be an OAP tho maybe it has distracted me a little from that dream but I'm working in that too.

If you are signed to any Modeling agency, What would you love to accomplish at the Modeling Agency?

To develop myself, be the best I can be and help my Modeling Agency progress.

How often do you do exercise or go to the gym?


Where do you see yourself in the Next 3 - 4 Years?

I'd have gone very far at what I do.  I see myself with a lot of accomplishment as long  as I continue to work hard and all.

Would you be contesting for Miss UI Next Year or maybe going for MBGN anytime soon?

I've still not decided on that yet.

What's your favorite Quote?

It's a Bible verse actually Ecclasiatics 9 vs 10  "Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you will eventually go"

Being a Student and a Model, How do you cope?

Its hard actually but I try to balance it so one doesn't affect the other because both are very important to me.

How do you intend to work towards being an On-Air Personality?

I'm yet to learn. It's still just a dream. I haven't started working towards it yet.

Are your parents in support of your Modeling Career?

Yes, especially my mum.

Are you in a Relationship?

I'd like to keep that private.

What's your own Definition of Fashion?

To me, Fashion is simply comfortableness and style or better still, Fashion is being comfortable in your own style and swag.

Any Words/Advice to others who aspire to be a Model?

Don't let anything discourage you. If it's what you want to be then chase it with your whole might. Ignore the societal pressure and stereotypes but at the same time, don't put your personal morals and integrity aside.

Your education is equally important, don't leave it for anything. The sky is only the starting point.

Titilope's Statistics goes as follows:

WEIGHT: 56kg
BUST: 33
HIPS: 37
SKIN COLOR: Caramel Brown

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