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Thursday, 17 November 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Live And Let's Live, The World Would Go Around - Miss Awo 2016 First Runner-Up, Tejumade Adebusola

Meet Tejumade Adebusola Onyekachi, a 100 Level Student of the Department Of History, Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ibadan.

Adebusola, who's emerged as Miss Awo 2016 First Runner -Up, has a twin Sister named Adebusayo and She is a native of Ogun State.

Tejumade Adebusola graced an Interview with Unibadan Efiwe, expressed her delight about Her New Title, talked about Her Career, Academics, #AwoWedsIndy Dinner and Awards Night and lots more in New Interview. Read Below

Can We Meet You?

My name is Tejumade Adebusola Onyekachi a 100 Level Student of the department of History, Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ibadan. I'm a Christian and a native of Ogun State. 

I'm the 2nd among three children and I also have a twin sister whose name is Adebusayo.

Why are you interested in Modeling Career?

Apart from meeting interesting people, it's also my passion.

You contested for Miss Awo 2016 and emerged as 1st Runner Up, How do you feel about that?

Everyone wants to be a winner but there is only a space for one.  For me to emerge as Miss Awo 2016 First Runner-up, it made Me realise that I have potentials in me, made me believe in myself that even if I didnt emerge as the Winner, I still have what it takes to emerge as a Winner in other competitions.

Tell us your experience during Miss Awo 2016?

It was fun and exciting. During the booth camp I was able to make new friends, meet some key figures like the Present Mr UI, Former Mr UI, Miss UI 2015 First Runner-Up who happened to be our chaperone and also Miss Idia 2015. 

I learnt new things like punctuality and etiquette. I realised that in UI, it is not just only about books. It was really fun!!!

What's the relationship between you and Miss Awo 2016, Morgan? 

Morgan is a free, loving and understanding person. I like her so we are good friends and very close.

 The competition has brought the both of us together. We talk like the way normal friends do. Atimes, She teases me and calls me Miss Awo.

After emerging as Miss Awo 2016 First Runner Up, What's your Next Plan?

Well, I intend to continue in fashion ,style and virtue. I would also boost the social life of both my hall and my faculty by giving adequate support and link if necessary.

Will you be going for Miss AFAS or Miss UI Next Year?

For now, I'm undecisive. If the spirit leads. I would reveal when time comes but, I would work on myself and prepare for coming opportunies. The goal is to be well branded and global.

What's your goal as a Model?

My goal as a model is to use my art and passion to inspire new creation of fashion. Uniqueness is the key. So I intend to establish myself and other upcoming models.

Are you working on any project with Miss Awo 2016?

For now, its No but, works could be done collaboratively. Joint efforts could spur more success.

Talking about Miss Awo 2016, do you feel there was some misjudgement from the Judges and you were supposed to emerge as the Winner?

Nope. I feel the Judges perfomed well in their selection. The crowd is also another determinant. Me not emerging as the Winner is a fault on my own part.

What's your own say about the #AwoWedsIndy Hall Week, Do you think it was a nice idea?

Actually, it wasn't a bad idea. Seeing two great halls merging, #Awowedsindy# both halls were able to pull strings. In general, it was a Success. 

What's Your own definition of Advertisement industry and Photography?

The advertisement industry is a big avenue and platform where products are channelled for public view. Its large in form, it also carries diverse forms, the social media, organised events and al.  

Photography is an art. A life expression via the camera, to show images. Its also capturing events of life.

What are the challenges you face as a Model?

I am an upcoming model and as such faced a lot of challenges like during the Miss Awo 2016 competition. I had thought of quitting but through determination and the support I got from my friends and family, I  didn't.

 Also several late practices and meetings were some of the challenges I faced.

What are some differences between Runway and Photogenic Modelling?

Runway modelling occurs during a fashion show when a model walks a runway to showcase clothing and accessories to potential buyers.

Photogenic model exploits the quality of looking good in front of a camera.

Aside from Schooling and Modeling, What else do you do?

I also write novels and read a lot of them to enhance my thinking capacity.

How has Modeling changed other aspects of your Life?

Modelling is an art. It has changed my perspective about how beauty and style can fashion ones life. 

Modelling has also raised my confidence. I'm a lady with unique abilities and style.

How often do you do exercise or go to the gym?

On a regular basis.

Where do you see yourself in the Next 3 - 4 Years?

I see myself as a Young celebrity/Model making wave in Nigeria.

What's your favorite Quote?

Live and let's live. The world would go round.

Being a Student and a Model, How do you cope?

I have learnt how to balance my modelling career and my school life. I have my priorities set right.

Are your parents in support of your Modeling Career?

Yes they are, to an extent.

Are you in a Relationship?

Yes, I am.

If You could have a Super Power, What would that power be and Why?

I love to have the ability to imagine something and make it come to reality. Then, I could wish for anything good and big

What inspires you to write?

What inspires me to write is the happenings in the society. In my some of the novels I have written, I try to picture the society in a much better view and tend to exaggerate in order to grasp the attention of the readers.

What's your rating for #AwoWedsIndy Dinner And Awards Night?

I'd rate it 70%.

What's your own Definition of Fashion?

For me, Fashion is creativity in choices.

Any Words/Advice to others who aspire to be a Model?

To those who aspire to be a model, the only key to Success is determination. The key person that can make it happen is yourself. 

Challenges will definitely come but believing in yourself is the biggest role you play to be a successful Model.

Adebusola's Statistics goes as follow

HEIGHT: 1.5m
WEIGHT: 44kg
BUST: 32
HIPS: 35

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