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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: HardWork And Dedication Is The Key To My Success - Winner, Miss FASSA 2016/ Miss Idia 2016 Runner-Up, Opeyemi Gbadamosi

Meet Gbadamosi Opeyemi, a 100 Level Student of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University Of Ibadan.

Opeyemi, who's a young Model emerged as Miss Idia 2016 Runner Up and Winner of Miss FASSA 2016 Respectively within the space of a Week.

Unibadan Efiwe had an Interview with the Fast Rising UI Model as She talked about Her Success, Modeling Career, Academics on lots more in a Exclusive Interview Below:

Can We Meet You?

My name is Gbadamosi Opeyemi, a 100 Level Student of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University Of Ibadan.

Why are You interested in Modelling Career?

I have always wanted to be a Model since I was a child, I loved watching fashion shows or looking at pictures of model in magazine. So when I grew up nd I grew tall, it was a dream come true for me.

 I am interested in modelling because it boosts my self confidence and esteem. It takes a lot of courage to walk on the runway on six inches heels and different eyes looking at you. 

Also, Modelling widens my scope of life, you get to meet different people and work with them.

You recently won  Miss Idia Hall 2016 Runner Up, How did you feel about that?

I felt great. Even though I didn't win, I still felt contended with my position as Runner-Up.

Within the space of a Week, you also emerged as Miss FASSA 2016. What's the Secret to your Success?

*Smiles* Hardwork and dedication is the key. I love being a model so all I had to do was really work hard to get what I want. 

Sometimes,I wonder where I got the strength to do all dis. And I always put God in everything I do.

Are You saying You deserved to Win Miss Idia Hall 2016, maybe there was some misjudgement from the Judges?

No. The girl that won totally deserved to win, she put in her best. I knew I was going be a Runner-Up after our talents display.

Tell Us your experience during both Miss Idia 2016 and Miss FASSA 2016?

Wow, I have to say it was really stressful. There were a time I would get to my room around to 12am during Miss Idia and for Miss FASSA, I had to do overnight for two days to rehearse my talent because I was given a short notice to contest.

All the same it was fun meeting different people, rehearsing dance steps, laughing and so on. I had a great experience.

How did you manage to cope with the disappointment of losing out to an opponent even though  You emerged as Miss Idia 2016 Runner Up and the next week, You were contesting for Miss FASSA 2016?

I believed in myself. I believed I didn't lose in Miss Idia, I just didn't put all my possible best. So I decided to put all my best in Miss FASSA and I emerged as the Winner. *smiles*

After emerging as Miss FASSA 2016, What should FASSAItes be expecting from their New Queen?

I and the current Mr FASSA are still working on a project but basically, we are focused on the Social Life of Fassaites. 

We want to incuperate more Social activities like FASSA currently celebrates Cake day, we are hoping to have more events like that.

What are your goals as a Model?

I want to be a super model that everyone in the Fashion Industry wants to work with. One day, I also want to become a role model for other fresh models as Noami Campbell is.

Since the Project isn't unveiled yet, UE would love to ask hope there's a business plan for the upcoming project?

We are currently working with the current Mr and Miss UI, Enitan and Alice and we are on it. The project is yet to be disclosed.

Tell Us Brief About Your Family Background?

I'm a Muslim. I come from a polygamous home. My dad married 3 wives and have 12 children. 

I come from a family where you are always supported no matter what. The fact that we are step siblings doesn't mean anything. We still love each other the same.

What's Your own definition of Advertisement industry and Photography?

Advertisement industry and Photography go hand in hand. You can't advertise Something without taking pictures or video. 

Photography can do without Advertisement but Advertisement can't do without Photography.

Are You signed to any Modelling Agency?


What are the Challenges you face as a Model?

The major challenge I face is the financial aspect. You need to spend a lot if you want to be successful in the Industry amd there is also the stress part. It is really stressful trying to balance your time.

Who are some of Your favorite Models and Designers and Why??

Naomi Campbell is my No. 1 because she inspires me with her success. Also, there is Mayowa Nicholas because She is making wave Internationally. 

Kendall Jenner because She is Young and making her dreams come true and I believe in dreams a lot.

How has Modeling changed other aspects of your Life?

It has really changed a lot about me. I used to be very shy but when I started modelling my confidence level boosted and also brought me fame.

 I have also gotten to meet different people and it feels really nice to work with them.

What are some differences between Runway and Photogenic Modelling?

Runway Modelling has to do with the catwalk and body shape not face while Photogenic modelling has to do with the face.

If You could have a Super Power, What would that power be and Why?

Can I choose more than one because I would love to be like Jean in X-Men *smiles*.

If You are signed to a Modelling Agency, What would You love to accomplish at that Modelling Agency?

I would like to be their top model and be able to travel to do International jobs.

How often do You do exercise or go to the gym?

I don't exercise. The walk to class in UI is what keeps me going *smiles*

Where do you see yourself in the Next 3-4 Years?

In the next 3-4 years, I would be rounding up school since I'm studying Computer Science.

 I wish to get a good job in an International Company but also be a Sought-after Super Model.

After Emerging as Miss FASSA 2016, Would you be contesting for MBGN anytime soon?

I would definitely contest for MBGN but not anytime soon.

What's your favorite quote?

Your Result would take away Insults from you.

Being a Model and also a Student, how do you cope?

It is not that difficult, I just have to learn how to balance my time.

Are your Parents in support of your Modeling Career?

They totally are. They are my greatest support and We are a supportive Family.

Are You In a Relationship?


Any Words/Advice for others aspiring to be a Model?

Follow your dreams and let No one lead you away from them.

Opeyemi's Statistics are as follows:


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