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Saturday, 5 November 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Fashion To Me Is Happiness And It Never Dies - Model/Fashion Designer, Opene Elizabeth

Meet Opene Elizabeth, a Student of the Department of Public Administration, The Polythenic, Ibadan and She's an Indigene of Delta State.

Elizabeth is a Model, Fashion Designer and the CEO Of House Of Beeng. Unibadan Efiwe met with Her recently and Below is what the Young and Pretty Model has to say as She talks about Her Career, Academics and lots more.

Can We meet You?

My name is Opene Elizabeth, a Student of the Department of Public Administration, The Polythenic Ibadan and I'm an Indigene of Delta State.

What does Modeling means to you?

Modeling to me means Self-Confidence because its take a courageous person to walk the runway with 6inches high heels.

How do you describe your Style?

I will describe my style as diaspora that is I don't limit myself to particular area.

What are some of the main differences between Runway and Photographic Modeling?

Runway entails showcasing a designers clothes. The focus is on the outfit not the model that's why they don't smile on the Runway while Photographic modeling reflects the beauty of the Model and what He or She is showcasing.

What are your Goals as a Model?

My goals as model is to be able to leave a positive mark in the Industry. I want to be referred to as a result of the wonderful jobs I had done.

Who are some of Your favorite Models and Designers and Why??

Some of my favorite designers are Mai Atafo, Style Temple, Lanre DA silver,  They are creative persons that don't relent in what they do.

As for Models, I love Oluchi (Ex-Beauty Queen) despites been married she still rocks the runway. I also like Naomi Campbell ever young

Tell Us the challenges You face as a Model?

Some of the challenges I face as a Model is been duped by some false agents.

How has Modelling changed other aspects of Your Life?

Modeling has built my confidence, I used to be a very shy person.

Tell Us about your Family Background? 

I was born into a family of 6. I'm the 5th child and the second girl child out of 4males and 2 females. We are bsed in Lagos and from Delta State.

Are You Signed to any Modeling Agency?

Yes, Hildas Angel Modeling Agency.

You being signed to Hildas Angel Modelling Agency, What would You love to accomplish at that Modelling Agency?

The Agency is new, my accomplishment will be making the agency among the best in the Industry.

What's Your own definition of Advertisement Industry and Photography?

What else do you do aside being a Model?

Aside from being a Model, I'm also a Fashion Designer.

Describe a typical day in the life of Elizabeth?

If am not in school or modeling, you will find me sewing clothes. I love to sew and sleep *smiles*

What's your favourite Quote?

Don't let your phone be a distraction to your Success.

If You could have One Super Power, what will that be and Why? 

It will be to instill the spirit of love for our neighbors in people's heart because Love conquers all.

Being a Student and a Model, how do you cope?

Although, it hasn't been easy but I try to create a balance. Education comes first.

How has Social Media played a role in your Modelling?

I get to learn new things everyday from Social Media.

What inspires you as a Model?

The fact that Fashion Never Dies. It continues to evolve everyday.

What does Fashion Means to you?

Fashion to me is Happiness. It encompasses all and always make people feel good.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 Years?

In the next 3-4 Years, I see myself as One of the Top Model/Fashion Designer in the Industry, I'm really working towards it and I'm praying God help me to achieve it. 

Are You in a Relationship?

Yes, I am.

Any Word/Advice you have for youths who aspires to be a Model/Fashion Designer?

My advice for the youth is that don't let your background, peers, economic situation disrupt your dreams. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

See Some Of Opene Elizabeth's Works Below:

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  1. Great passion for the modelling/fashion industry, lovely model shots and beautiful fashion works. Grease to your elbow

  2. More grease to your elbow...God be your strength as you climb the ladder to your dream...

  3. Beautiful works from a beautiful lady who is God fearing and dedicated.. I see a great person in you.dont relent cause God is with you

  4. Beautiful works from a beautiful lady who is God fearing and dedicated.. I see a great person in you.dont relent cause God is with you

  5. You are all shades of talents dear, the sky is definitely ur starting point. Keep up the good work and God will definitely crown all ur efforts with success. Best wishes


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