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Sunday, 6 November 2016

EFIWE GOSSIP: Anonymous Lady Is Obsessed with DMW @dmw_hq Music Act, Dremo @dremoapg

Few days ago, an anonymous lady sent a Sub through a Sub Delivery Service, The Hidden Network @thehiddennetwork as she expressed her feelings on how obsessed she is about DMW Act, Dremo.

In her Sub, She Said "Help me tell him that when i close my eyes, its dremo. When i open my eyes, its dremo. Ion know what he has done to me becoz of him Ion have any boyfriend. This feeling is not normal at all.

Tell him someone somewhere super super super admires everything about him. I must remain anonymous.  If he has one million fans, am one of them.

If he has one that's still me. If he has none well that means I'm dead..

Remember, Harrysong @iamharrysong also has one fan named, Mzsong @mzsong who's also obsessed about him, loves him so much and now it's Dremo's turn.

The sub has also been delivered to Dremo @dremoapg and he kept it up on his Snapchat.

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