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Saturday, 8 October 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: I Have Been A Freelance And I Model When I Want To - Video Vixen, Model And Entrepreneur, Debbie Kanu

In an up-close session with Debbie Kanu, one of the students of University of Ibadan making waves across the Entertainment industry in Nigeria, She revealed a lot about her relationship with Kiss Daniel and Korede Bello among other interesting things about herself.
Debbie kanu is a video vixen, a model, an entrepreneur and also a final year student at the University of Ibadan. She is notable for her roles in Kiss Daniel’s Jumbo video and Korede Bello’s “one and only” video.And more recently she covered one of Nigeria’s foremost fashion and style magazine, ThisDay Style. wp-1475935133465.jpg
Below is an excerpt from the interview: 
UFP- Can you tell us about yourself?
DK- I’m Debbie Kanu, am from Abia state, grew up in Lagos state. Came to Ibadan basically because of UI. I am the last of nine children, my dad is late, my mum is the only parent I have. Department of special education, 400l, my original hall of residence is queens hall but I stay off campus.
UFP- Are you into Modelling professionally or part time?
DK- Am in it for fun, maybe with time I will take it more professionally. When I first left secondary school I was under an agency but I left when I entered 100l, so since 100l I have been freelance and I model when I want to , it depends on my mood, I took na break for like a year and basically just started modelling again this year.
UFP- How was it like meeting Kiss-Daniel?
DK- I was star struck, I met him through the music director, I got to the shoot, got my script and the normal thing for me to do is to be professional and not all over him so that’s what I did, so after the shoot we got talking and that was it.wp-1475935117276.jpg
UFP- Was it an audition or they just picked you?
DK- They just picked me, I think they saw me from Korede bello’s shoot and they liked the girl. ‘smiles’
UFP- Do you see yourself doing more videos or that’s it?
DK- After Jumbo video I have gotten offers from many people but most of them were not what I want, I have a particular standard I have already set for myself,
UFP- You don’t want to work with upcoming artistes?
DK- If I am comfortable with a deal with an upcoming artiste I will do it, but when I say standard I mean the type of character I will be playing, the type of outfit I would wearing  in the video, I won’t do a video were I would be wearing bikini and twerking in front of the camera, no, for me am not comfortable doing it, it’s just not me, am not saying it’s bad.wp-1475934710699.jpg
UFP- So what’s your career plan?
DK- I have a business now, the ALL-DEBS empire, for now its basically about fashion, clothing line,I sew, I sell hair, shoes and bags.
UFP- You sew?
DK- Yes I do, I learnt sewing when I was in jss3 after my junior waec and in was waiting at home, that 3 months I learnt how to sew, my mum registered me in a fashion school in lagos. But after secondary school I stayed at home for a year before I entered UI that year was basically when I learnt how to sew.
UFP- So who is your fashion icon?
DK- I can’t say one person, I like a lot of people, some days I like what Rihanna wears some days I can’t because of the society we live in. always a yes for me with Genevieve Nnaji.
UFP- On a normal day do you do your make up yourself?
DK- I do my make-up myself.
UFP- How long does it take?
Dk- Just an hour
UFP-In UI who is the most fashionable student you know?
DK- My friends, ok, my best friend, Hena, he is in my faculty, human kinetics.
UFP- Most fashionable female student you know?
DK- they are many, Adebola dresses well, Yombo, Eva, Winifred, Chisom. I admire their fashion sense.
UFP- Are you in a relationship?
DK- yes I am.
UFP- UI  student or not?
DK- Not a UI student.
UFP- What’s up with you and Nimi?
DK- He was my first friend I had when I came to UI, he is a very cool dude, down to earth person, he is someone I call when I need an advice, my study partner, my buddy, gives me relationship advice, and he is the only person who can criticize me without me being pissed.wp-1475933537826.jpg
UFP- who is your favourite photographer?
DK- I don’t have a favourite photographer but I would want to have a shoot with Kelechi Amadiobi or Obi somto
UFP- word of advice for us?
DK- whatever is comfortable for you, don’t break the bank to look good.
UFP- so you don’t break the bank to look good?
DK- I  have a disease, I shop too much and I end up being broke at the end of then day, so please in the bid to look good don’t go broke.
UFP- so thank you very much.
DK- it’s a pleasure
Interview Credits: Unibadan Fashion Police (@unibadan_fashionpolice)

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