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Saturday, 22 October 2016

EFIWE ARTICLE: Emergency SRC Parliamentary Sitting; The Union's Only Way Forward By Temmy Gista @temmygista

Over the years, since the reinstatement of the Students' Union University of Ibadan, the structures of representative government put in place by the Union Constitution has been under utilized.

This in itself has undermined the free flow of communication in the Students' Union System and Structure, tho we're always quick to blame the Union President for every shortcoming noticed, the bulk of the blame rests on us. Yes, we all as a Student Body.

Have you ever wondered why we have Class/Course Representatives, Departmental & Faculty Executives as well as the Legislative Council and the Press?

This structures are meant to sustain the effectiveness of the Students' Union, it is the chain of communication that must be utilized.

Currently, we are not unaware of the situation of things on campus as regards Student Victimization and the latest memorandum that is an anti Student policy, surely this sitting will address it to find a way forward for the Union.

It is obvious that Consultations have been done, meetings called, memo's sent to respective quarters and yet no positive response has been gotten, hence the calls for a Congress.

The SRC emergency sitting is a welcome development and should be seen as a means to Consolidate on the Consultations so far before the Congress decides on a possible Confrontation.

This is a critical stage of this administration and the outcome of the emergency sitting would be a defining moment for the struggle against Student Victimization.

This piece is to encourage Greatest Uites to notify the honourables representing their Halls and Faculty Presidents to attend tomorrow's sitting as their ever conscious Argument & Submissions would be most needed.

Saturday's emergency sitting is a needed and gallant way forward, we must utilise its purpose positively.

I'll be there and I hope all conscious Uites would be present as we make decisions that would have historical implications for the Union.

Temmy Gista

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