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Saturday, 17 September 2016

EFIWE NEWS: On Kunle Adebajo's SDC Letter, The Union Is Ready To Fight And Fight Till The End - UISU Pres. Ojo Nifemi @studentsunionui

The University of Ibadan Students’ Union President, Mr. Ojo Oluwanifemi Emmanuel has revealed that serious crisis is on the way in the University as the union will not take any form of student victimization from the management.

Mr. Oluwanifemi gave this warning at the SRC chambers while addressing pressmen present at the presidential media chat which was organized by the Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan last Thursday.

He mentioned that the management should be ready for trouble as the next SDC sitting is going to be hot if the management takes any unreasonable decision on cases before the committee.

He also said that there are some ‘funny’ set of SDC letters that have been delivered recently to students including a member of UCJUI, Mr. ‘Kunle Adebajo; he advised the management to thread on this matter as the union is ready to give a fight
and fight till the end.

Furthermore, he disclosed to distinguished pressmen that Mote’s case was not a ‘lost’
battle as it conveyed a strong message to the management on what Uites are capable of doing. Additionally, he stressed that Kunle Adebajo’s case will be a ‘fight to finish’ one as the battle line has been drawn between the school management and the Students’ Union.

“It will be the biggest SDC case. They claimed that he lied but he did not lie. He feels the project is not needed but the management said it is. Good, but this is an academic environment where diverse opinions should be welcomed.

 A rejoinder could have been written but instead you go head in harassing him with an SDC letter. See, Kunle’s case is a NO case because we will fight them with everything we have and this time, it will be a success on the Mote’s case. In their best interest, they should drop Kunle’s case”, he said.

Source: UCJUI

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