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Monday, 19 September 2016

EFIWE GOSSIP: Find An Amazing Guy And Start Having Regular S*x - Linda Ikeji's Wish On Her Birthday

On Millionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji’s 36th birthday,one of her wishes was to finally start having regular s*x.

She said this in a video she recorded and put up on her blog this morning.
Here are some excerpts that we have transcribed from the video.

“My 36th birthday… My wish is to find an amazing guy. Finally have regular s*x. Have a bunch of kids. Be happy. Continue to…continue to impact my world. 

Continue to do what I’m doing. Continue to make a difference. That’s my dream. But the thing about is that I was paying so much attention to my career, to my…

I was so determined to succeed and I didn’t pay too much attention to my personal life.”


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