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Thursday, 15 September 2016

EFIWE GOSSIP: CheckOut Punchlines From Jaw War 2016 (Day 1) #JawWar16 @studentsunionui

University Of Ibadan's Literary and Debating Competition (Jaw War 2016) began yesterday with the ending results of Day 1 standing as follows:

Tedder Hall knocks out Awo Hall with 71.66% to 68% 

Bello Hall fought hard to beat Abdulsalami Hall 81% to 74% 

Indy Hall won with a close range over the Great Nnamdi Azikwe Hall 70% to 68%

While Queens Hall came out victorious beating Mellanby Hall 85.47% to 81% 

Unibadan Efiwe decides to compile some of the Punchlines from Jaw War 2016 (Day 1), See Screenshots Below:

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