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Thursday, 15 September 2016

EFIWE GISTS: Read Comments From Jaw War '16 #JawWar16 (Day 1) @studentsunionui

Below are some of the Comments from Day 1 of the Literary And Debating Society Competition (Jaw War 2016) held yesterday.

I think there should be a re-orientation to inform the generality of UITES that this is not a do or die affair. Since when did a debating competition become a tool for rating the best hall. Like can we all just have fun, laugh and be amazed at the punchlines, and know that whoever wins or don't win does not make it less of a hall or even less of a faculty. - Chibuzor Deborah Ojini

It's normal for people to speak up when they lose. I'm not the competitive type but trust me, the argument and anger is pure zeal, it will fade away with time. I'm enjoying it! I hope you do too.. - Daniel Nkemelu

‎To the organisers, well done. Kindly treat the complaints and recommendations received, I hope it gets better - Daniel Nkemelu

Yea I am too, it's really fun with especially the tactical punchlines.... I just wish we couldd all relax more.... But Kudos to the organizers, the competitive spirit is good ‎- Chibuzor Deborah Ojini 

Twitter Using #JawWar16 as It continues Today.

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_IG: @Jawwar_ui_

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