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Sunday, 4 September 2016

EFIWE ARTICLES: JAW WAR 2016 - PART 1 OF 21 By Ojo Aderemi | Let The Countdown Begin!

By Ojo Aderemi.

"After considering our public speaking history in the University of Ibadan, I concluded that this is the only University that can produce a public speaker that will match President Barack Obama" own excerpt.

Before becoming an active member of the Literary and Debating Society of the Faculty of Arts, I was a free speech person. I did more of interactive speeches and used my pen more than my tongue. I was just one person that got bored by the unresponsiveness of the Students' Union then.

 So I used to take to the Union's facebook group to rant and criticize the hell out of the leadership. Then the very aggressive replies to my post came from Comrade Temitope Awolusi alias Temmy Gista.

 We became political antagonists. I didn't like the policies of the then Union leaders and the young man was not just the most ardent Pro-Huntershola propagandist but also one of the most popular.

We were enemies and didn't like each other. One thing I liked about the guy was that he was ready to stay by his President and I was jealous of his zeal. The year was 2014 when I was still a diploma student.

The tides changed when I decided not to criticize the Union leadership anymore but to consistently tell the students what they needed to know - that is the history of the Students' Union and how it was built.

Then the first positive response, ever, to my post from Temmy Gista came. He supported some of my ideas and arranged the first meeting we had. I met him at the Kunle Adepeju Building and I was disappointed to see a rather not too physically imposing guy. I was expecting a bigger person.

The same thing happens when people meet me. They even tell it to my face. "You are that guy? But you are so slim". Imagine. Lol anyways. He introduced himself to be the President of the Literary and Debating Society of my Faculty -The Premiere Faculty. So what? Who e epp? Mtcheww.

We discussed and he left. He was a sound minded young man but my ideas were quite different from his in terms of approach. Then a week later (or thereabout) I received a message on WhatsApp from the President telling me to write a speech of 5 minutes on a certain topic that had to do with the United Nations.

 That was how my public speaking career was lunched. My first opponent was the Literary and Debating Society of the Faculty of Law. Temijuopelo James Alufa and Ajayi were the speakers, while Yemi Olukani and I represented the Faculty of Arts in a Pre-Jaw War tie.

 I told my friends to come around and cheer us up during the tie and they did. Law beat us 74-72.5 -less than 2 points. The friendly was judged by Amobi Amanambu, Seyi Awojulugbe and one other person.

JAW WAR 2014.

The Arts L&D team consisted legendary speakers; Damilola Okoyomoh (CLA Department), former Students' Union PRO Tola Alayande alias Maximus (Classics Department), Isaac Umokoro (Theatre Arts Department), Damilola (CLA Department), Kunle Adebayo (CLA Department) just to mention a few.

I was not a legendary speaker but I gave my average best to defeat the Faculty of the Clinical Sciences in the first round alongside Isaac Umokoro. The second round was a total massacre of the opponent by our team consisting of Tola Alayande and Damilola. The third round was against the almighty Faculty of Public Speaking... I mean Faculty of Law.

 Arts, represented by the duo of Damilola Okoyomoh and Kunle Adebayo won. The final round was against the Techites. Our team which defeated Law was repeated. Arts won the Jaw War competitions of 2014. That was the 7th time the Faculty of Arts would be winning the competitions BACK TO BACK!!!

JAW WAR 2015

The Faculty of Arts Literary and Debating Society was not ready to defend its title due to internal issues that are not meant for public consumption... Lol 😂. You know ***. Arts lost out in the 2nd round against the the Faculty of Science. Faculty of the Social Sciences won the competition and will be hosting this year's events.

JAW WAR 2016

Let me first of all shake my head. Because, the last time I met some of the speakers from our opponents' camp (Pharmacy) the promise I made to them was that we will beat them and beat them silly. Well, we'll deliver on that promise.


End of Part 1
To be continued...

Ojo Aderemi
Ibadan, Nigeria.

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