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Thursday, 15 September 2016

After Years Of Abstaining From S*x Before Marriage, My Husband Still Starve Me With S*x - Woman Opens Up

A lady whose husband is currently starving her s*xually has cried out on social media with pieces of advice flowing in from friends.

The young housewife is currently having troubles in her marriage as her husband has failed to live up to his s*xual responsibilities.

Read her message below as published on a popular relationship platform:
I am 24 and self employed. He is 30…I’m tired of my husband. We recently got married, 2months ago to be precised. We dated 7yrs..yes I was 17 (ss3) when we met, said he fell in love with my innocence and our love has grown over the years.

All the while before we got married we had fantasized on how we would enjoy s*x. (We only had intense make out, said he was willing to wait, very difficult but he did). In fact there were times where I just wanted him to do it but he will calm me down and say we should wait.

We had talked about so many s*xual things that I was so looking forward it all. The reverse is the case right now. My husband hardly touches me now, sometimes I will have to be the one to initiate the s*x (oh he is great in bed by the way, the few times we have had it).

When he comes back from work,he is tired, every time tired. I would take my bath wear something nice, make sure I smell nice, at the end Zero, he would just sleep. I really want to get pregnant but I don’t see that happening with this his I am tired way of life. He keeps saying “he is not rushing, we have our whole lives and we are not competing with anyone”.

That anytime pregnancy comes fine.we have not had s*x for 10 days now, kissed me maybe just twice (let me just say no romantic anything). He is a good man, hardworking and religious, he loves me so much and would do anything for me.

He just keeps saying we have our whole lives to have s*x, no need to rush. I have watched p**n now like 7 times this week, I am not the cheating type. I have never cheated and I would never by Gods grace but my s*x life is no as I anticipated.

In fact it is zero.what do I do? I have spoken to him, how else do I speak to him again. He says the same thing over and over, he is not rushing. I’m tired I swear, you people should come and tell me what to do Mbok before my head explodes.

I just want him to be romantic, kiss me 1 million times a day and s*x too.

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