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Monday, 29 August 2016

PREMIER LINES: UI's First Speech Anthology | Read FAQ


Q: What exactly is this thing called Premier Lines?

A: It is a proposed anthology of speeches prepared (and delivered) by students of Nigeria’s premier university within or for the university. It is going to be a treasure trove of brilliant intellections, a spyglass into the rhetorical culture among students of the University of Ibadan. 

The plan is to have it launched at the grand finale of Jaw War 2016 which is currently the biggest public speaking event in the institution.

Q: But why do you call it a speech anthology? Isn’t an anthology a collection of poems?

A: Oh no! An anthology could be way more than that or even totally different from that. It is an assortment of various things or ideas, or a published collection of writings by different authors. 

It is just the case that people are more familiar with the poetic side to the word.

Q: This anthology that you speak of, in what format will it be launched?

A: It will primarily be released as a book i.e. hard copy, something to hold dearly in your hands and sink in its fragrant pages. This will be containing around 50 speeches or more. 

We are also considering launching digital formats as well or PDF which will contain even a greater number of speeches depending on how huge the contributions are after the appointed deadline.

Q: And by ‘we’ you mean?

A: By ‘we’, what is meant are the Central Literary and Debating Society, FactsCount and Colesad Consultings. The last two are start-ups owned by distinguished students of the university and are contributing as well to the project.

Q: What exactly do you hope to achieve with this project?

A: We hope to ultimately positively promote the image of the university as one which appreciates intellectual efforts and oratorical traditions. 

We hope to document in one piece the sundry springs of golden knowledge which gushed out on various occasions in the past few years. We hope to expand the horizon of public speaking beyond the place of podiums to the very fingertips of enthusiasts. 

We also hope to produce something for every budding orator and debater who wishes to learn from nothing but quality, who wishes to taste from the undiluted Nigerian breed of public speaking.

Q: Who may contribute to this project? Is it restricted to undergraduates only?

A: Not at all. The floor is open for both undergraduates and alumni of the institution to dance to our call. We are even more particular about graduates because if there will later editions, they may not be so extended again. 

Q: And what is modus of submission?

A: Everyone who qualifies should endeavour to submit to [email protected] on  or before September 1, 2016. 

As many species as possible are welcome. Alongside the speeches, they are required to also include their contact, brief public speaking profile, contexts of the deliveries and prizes won by the speeches. 

Q: How are you planning to get funds for this project?

A: We must confess that this is a really terrible period for any author, without money, to seek to publish a book. Market prices of raw materials for production are sky-high due to the situation with foreign exchange. 

Thus, as this is a very capital intensive exercise and the Central Literary and Debating Society has a lot of routine expenses still to grapple with, we sought from amongst us people willing to invest through loans. 

That is why we have more than one party to the whole thing. And it is why we will have to sell the book once it is released to interested Uites so that the money borrowed may be realised. 

We plan to produce just 1000 copies. Hopefully, by the time we are done, people will even request for more.

Q: After the completion of this project, what is next?

A: That is a question for posterity to decide. All we want to do is start something new and leave a legacy behind for others. However, left to us, this ought to be an annual custom so that we can have the anthology in yearly volumes. 

The students must learn how to do things by themselves and for themselves. We have to learn how to make things happen. University of Ibadan, no doubt, houses some the greatest minds and some of the most eloquent of tongues in Nigeria. 

And if we do not move mountains and provoke waves by blowing our trumpet, no one else will.

Credit: Adekunle Adebajo

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