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Saturday, 13 August 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEWS: One Super Power I Would Love To Have Is To Make Dreams Come True - MUA/CEO Of ID Signatures, Ifeoluwa David

Meet Ifeoluwa David, a Graduate of Redeemer's University, Mowe. Ifeoluwa studied Microbiology,  She's also a Professional Make-up Artiste and the CEO Of ID Signatures.

Unibadan Efiwe had an interview with Ifeoluwa and Below is what She had to say as She talks about Her Profession, Career and so on.

Can We meet You?

I am Ifeoluwa David, a Professional Make-up Artiste. I just finished my B.Sc, I studied  Microbiology in Redeemer's University, Mowe.

How do You define Beauty?

Beauty is basically inbuilt, I mean God's given. All a make-up artist does is to enhance it. It also has to do with packaging.

How did your Profession as a Make-Up Artist Start??

I went for training at Ojulewa Make-up School, One of the best and after my training, I just started practicing make-up myself.

What are the works You have done so far??

It has been tough I must confess but I am grateful to God. I have done over three Bridal Jobs, Photoshoots.

When You work for People, what is their reaction like?

They are always very excited after their Makeovers and they be like "am I this pretty" that kind of reaction.

What are the challenges You face?

Sometimes frustrating, there was one time I made up for someone, the person cleaned up the entire face and later came back begging me to do it again.

 Patience is everything and sometimes, the process runs smoothly. I am always happy satisfying my client and I love what I do.

Who are your role models in the Beauty Industry?

My Role Models are Ojulewa, Bibiyonce, Oshewa, Tintspromakeup, Makeupshayla but Someone has to start  somewhere right?

What do You do during Leisure?

I watch movies, learn more make-up skills, listen to music.

Back then when You were in University, How do You manage your time being a Student and also a Make-up artist?

It was easier for me when I was in School, My University was still in Redemption camp so I just leave School for Make-up jobs mostly weekends but when my school moved to Ede, I stopped  moving from make-up jobs and because I was in a higher level, I wanted to focus on my grades.

If You could have one Super Power, what would that be and why?? 

To make dreams come true, So I can achieve dreams.

Are You into any relationship? 

Yes, I am.

Tell Us brief about your family Background?

I am the last born of Six children.

As A Make-Up Artist, how do You balance your Private life from your Public life?

It's not too hard, you keep your private life private  and your makeup aspect out there at least  I don't have to tell my client anything just satisfy them and that's it.

Where do You see yourself in the next 3 Years? 

Accomplished! that's all I can think of now because  I am a dreamer but God knows best.

What's your favorite Quote?

I lift my eyes to the hills and where does my help come from Psalm 121:1. That's what I say to myself when I feel weak or discouraged  and it works.

What words or advices do You have for youths whose dream is to be a Make-Up Artist?

I am still young too. Do what you do best, be happy and enjoy it.

Name: Ifeoluwa David
Email: [email protected] 
Contact: 08182660973
IG/Twitter: @id_signatures

Expect More Exclusive Interviews from Unibadan Efiwe. Feel free to mail Unibadan Efiwe via [email protected] for posting of Articles, Music and Videos, Advert Placement and many more.

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