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Saturday, 13 August 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEWS: My Parents Are Not Fully In Support Of My Music Career But I Keep Pushing My Dreams - UI Finest, Adebunmi Alex aka Biggie

Meet Adebunmi Adedayo Alex Oluwadare aka Biggie, a 300 Level Student of the Department of Theatre Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan.  

Biggie, is a performing Artiste, Song Writer and also a Rapper. He was recently nominated at the NIGMA Awards 2016 as the Best Rapper of the Year. 

Following his recent track "Simply", Biggie is set to drop another new track titled " Muku" in a couple of days and you can be rest assured that it's another hittrack from the Talented UI Rapper, Biggie who's also working on an EP Album soon.

Unibadan Efiwe had an interview with Biggie and Below is what He has to say as He talks about His Music Career, Hustle, Nomination and Dreams.

Can We Meet You??

My names are Adebunmi Adedayo Alex Oluwadare also known as Biggie, a 300 Level Student of the Department of Theatre Arts, Faculty of Arts, University Of Ibadan.

How do You derive your stage Name "Biggie"?

Nothing much to say about deriving my stage name" Biggie", just by size. A lot of people called me Biggie from way back so I got attracted to the name.

What led You into Music? 

It's more like Music chose me. Music has always been in the family, but no one was actually serious with it except Me and my younger brother.

What really inspired Your recent track titled "Simply"?

A lady actually was behind the inspiration of my recent track "Simply".  I really liked one girl but She thinks I'm a player, a bad boy so I was kind of fed up and decided to come up with a track. With the help of normal life relationships and how girls feel about guys, the track "SIMPLY" came up.

What Year did You venture into Music?

I started singing at the age of 11 and I started rapping at the age of 15.

What inspires Your MUSIC?

A lot of things inspires my Music, my life, my hustle, my friends and my dreams.

What message does Your Music pass across?

What my Music pass across depends. Sometimes, it could be love, party vibes, life's hustle, anger, hope and so on depends on the inspiration. 

Are You currently signed to any record Label?

No, I'm not signed to any Record Label, I'm hoping on God to send a better Record Label towards my way so for the main time, I would keeping giving my best.

Apart from Music, What else do You do? 

I play football, act, draw and I love playing games.

What are You currently working on, Any Collaborations?? 

No collaborations yet, I'm currently working on a new track titled "ARA ME RIRI" and I really want apologise to my fans for the delay on "MUKU" having a little bit of problems.

 I'm also working on how to promote my Music and Brand bigger than just my environment.

You being nominated recently as Student Rapper of the Year @ NIGMA Awards 2016, how do you feel about that?

I really feel happy, this nomination has shown that people are noticing that there is Music in the University Of Ibadan. I really feel appreciated and hope to bring the Award home.

How easy/hard was it for You coming into the Music Industry??

I can't say I'm in the industry fully for now because singing or doing music isn't enough to get you in the industry because it is really hard to get in, even to release a song isn't easy based on money terms. 

I'm not getting much financial support from parents and to promote a track is another big job on its own so it has not been really easy. Omo, na real hustle!

What do You Love most about the Music Industry?

The ability to sing and be heard by millions of People, the fame and the money.

You dropping another New track titled "MUKU" in a couple of days, What should your fans expect from you?

MUKU is a vibe everyone should be ready to dance to, not much of a rap just a dancing groove for my fans.

You being in 300Level When you graduate, Do You intend going into Music fully??

Right now, I'm in 300 Level, if  God bless my way, I would be going fully into Music so trust me, I can go into Music fully anytime soon. 

After my University, it will just give me more time.

Would You describe Yourself as a perfect Gentleman?? 

First of all, no man is perfect, gentle I am, man I am growing to be so I might be a gentleman but not a perfect gentleman.

Can You tell Us Your Relationship Status?

For now, my relationship status is really complicated.

Do You have any celebrity crush(es)?

No, I don't have any female celebrity crush.

If You were to work or do collaboration with any Nigerian A List Artiste, Who will that be and Why?

There are a lot of A-List Artistes i woild love to do collaborations with but I will mention a few. Wizkid, Olamide, Davido and Don Jazzy would be a great achievement for me doing a collaboration with them.

 I want to step up my game, go higher and make hit-tracks so a collaboration with any of them can give me an hit track, also grew up listening to them.

How do You Strike a Balance between Your Public and Private Life?? 

I try so much to strike the balance between my public life and private life but for THE LIFE OF A star, my small private life is public.

If You could have One Super power, What would that be and Why? 

I would love to have a Superman's power so I can be able to save the world,  alot of people needs to be saved from a lot of issues.

Tell us little about your family background??

I have both parents alive all thanks be to God, my DAD is a retired Policeman and my MUM is a great teacher, I have two younger ones and four elder ones.

So Are Your Parents fully in support of Your Music Career? 

My parents are not fully in support of my Music career but I keep pushing and chasing my dreams.

What should Your Fans, Friends be looking forward to from You?? 

They should look forward to seeing a star, God's grace I'm going to shine that's my belief. I'm here to stay and make grounds in the Music Industry.

In the next 3 Years, where do You hope to be?? 

In the next three years, I see myself on top, giving my fans more hit tracks and vibes to groove. My brand "Biggie" growing bigger and my tracks making Waves locally and internationally.

What's your favorite Quote??

My favorite quotes are "be wise as a serpent, be meek as dove" also I love Olamide's new trend "WHO YOU EPP?"

What's Your Advice to Your Viewers and Fans??

My advice to my fans and viewers is that you all should watch out for your homeboy Biggie aka alexswags, dbase. Make sure you all download "Muku" dropping officially on so stay tuned.

Always keep it 100% no hate, good things come to those that do good. 

There's nobody that cannot make it, believe in yourself and always respect another man's hustle.

Follow Biggie On IG @biggy_alexswags_

Vote For Biggie as the Best Student Rapper Of The Year @ NIGMA AWARDS 2016  HERE

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