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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Music Helps Me Express My Imaginations - Artiste/Pharmacist, Timeyin Arueyingho @iamtimeyin

 Meet Timeyin Arueyingho, a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt.

Timeyin, who's a talented Artiste, Writer and also a Pharmacist had an Interview with Unibadan Efiwe. 

Checkout the Full Interview Below as She talk about Her Music Career, Upcoming Projects and many more.

Can We Meet You??

My name is Timeyin Arueyingho, I'm an Artiste and also a Pharmacist, a Graduate of the University of Port Harcourt.

Why do you have your name as your Stage name also? 

I just decided to answer my own name, I couldn't come up with anything cooler than that.

So What Led you into Music?

Doing Music has always been my dream and I discovered that when I was 6 Years Old then I had my first stage performance. 

ASUU Strike some years ago gave me room to explore, even though I suspended music for Academic reasons but I found out that in music, in the Entertainment Industry, I can be myself and express myself in ways I can't when i'm in the corporate world.

What really inspired your recent track "Jeegidah"?

"Jeegidah" was inspired by my life story and my belief in being one's self regardless of situations and circumstances, a little egotistical I may say.

What  Year did you venture into Music??

I officially rebranded and started music in the year 2015.

What inspires Your MUSIC?

Everything around me inspires my music but in everyone of them gratitude to God remains eminent.

What message does Your Music pass across?

Most of my songs pass messages of hope, self-esteem and often times tell a story.

Are You currently signed to any record Label?

I'm not signed to any record label but I run my own outfit called XcentriksWay

Apart from Music, What else do You do? 

Apart from music, I'm a pharmacist, a writer, a critical thinker and an entrepreneur in the making.

What are You currently working on, Any Collaborations??

I'm working on an EP, I definitely would have collaborations

So You releasing any track pretty soon?? What should they be expecting?

Not releasing a track anytime soon, I have to promote the ones I have first. Any new release would be my EP and that's later in the year.

How easy/hard was it for You coming into the Music Industry??

It wasn't easy because I was a complete novice but during the 6 Months ASUU strike in my third year, I learnt a lot which helped me kick start my own career in the year 2015.

What do You Love most about the Music Industry?

I love the content of most songs, for me this industry should be all about content. Everything else is secondary.

You Studied Pharmacy while in the University, Do You intend going into Music fully or Both??

Hmm nice one. I'm actually a bookworm and a "nerd" and music helps me express my imagination. I would practice both simultaneously.

Can You tell Us Your Relationship Status?

It's complicated.

Do You have any celebrity crush(es)?

There are plenty Celebrities I have crushes on.

If You were to work or do collaboration with any Nigerian A List Artiste, Who will that be and Why??

The A-list artiste I would love to work with is Runtown, I love that guy.

How do You Strike a Balance between Your Public and Private Life?? 

It's not easy but so far I have succeeded. I go out only when necessary and put only the things I am comfortable sharing on social media.

If You could have One Super power, What would that be and Why? 

That would be Teleportation because then I wouldn't need a visa. peem, I'm in London peem I'm in Jamaica.

Tell Us little about your family background?

Nothing much to say about my family. I'm the first child of four. We are all Christians and I have loving young parents.

So is your Parents fully in support of your Music Career?

My parents are in full support.They're just scared because of my age and my academics but they'll come around. I've been a good girl.

What should Your Fans, Friends be looking forward to from You?? 

More good songs, some pretty nice video's and academic related publications.

In the next 3 Years, where do You hope to be?? 

I'll be out of the Country definitely doing my Masters and making more music.

What's your favorite Quote??

I don't have a favorite quote

Back then during University Being a Student and also an Artiste, how do you manage your time??

Being an artiste never really worked out while I was in pharmacy school because of the time factor. I was only able to do small work during brief vacations that's the reason why I said my career kick started last year, when I was in Year 5.

Who are your Role Models in the Music Industry?

Chidinma, Mercy Chinwo, Kanye West and Michael Jackson.

What are the challenges You face as a Female Artiste?

Quite a few challenges but many opportunities too. One of the challenges I should say occurs due the opportunitistic attributes of some of the male folk but I'm used to calling the shots so a lot of that nonsense stays at bay.

What's Your Advice to Your Viewers and Fans?

Have a dream, stay disciplined and work hard.

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