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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

EFIWE GOSSIP: UI Artistes, Oliverr & Prinzteey Absent In Opsynuel's New Video "Shaba" Who Wil End Their Beef??

The “STAND UP uites (Panda Cover)” artist (Prinzteey & Oliverr) and the “YE MIRI” artist (Opsynuel) got nominated in the same category for SONG OF THE YEAR in the forthcoming IVORY AWARDS, waves were made at the release of both songs. 
The stand up uites video shoot was done by the popular ayo xtreme on july 17, 2016, supporters, fans and friends were at the video shoot including OPSYNUEL, SIR KENAYO, SULTAN, MONROE etc.
On aug 28, 2016 OPSYNUEL had a video shoot for his yet to be released song titled SHABA ft WIZKID (Cover), supporters, fans, friends were also present at the video shoot including SIR KENAYO (though he was not going to make it due to his busy schedule finally turned up for the shoot and was in the video), SULTAN, MONROE, TK (winner for most handsome category ivory awards last year), VITAMIN etc, the STAND UP uites duo PRINZTEEY & OLIVER were missing (not present) for the shoot. 
Sources say the beef started when both parties got nominated for same category in the forthcoming ivory awards ( s0ng of the year), it was known to us that OPSYNUEL himself was in the room of Prinzteey and Oliverr one hour to the start of the video shoot to remind them and tell them to come, Prinzteey assured him they will turn up. 

The video shoot was on for  about 5hrs before coming to an end. After a brief interview with OPSYNUEL it was clear he actually turned up and featured in PRINZTEEY and OLIVERR’s music video but the support was not returned to him at his own video shoot. 
What excuse the artists have for not turning up we are yet to find out and we will find out, sources say both parties now hardly greet when they meet or pass by each other. 
Some artists are known to be too proud to feature in other artist’s video shoots, could this be the case or could there be a genuine reason they did not turn up? further findings would tell.      

More stories about the beef to come.
As fans of any or both parties what do you have to say about this

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