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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

EFIWE ARTICLES: Lessons To Learn From Mark Zuckerberg's Visit To Nigeria

Apparently Mark Zukerberg the 7th Richest man in the world walked(trekked) along the streets of Yaba yesterday, but the fish sellers and food vendors didn't even look up. He was dressed up as simple as usual, so most pedestrians had no idea the billions worth that passed them by. I guess he wanted to get a feel of the land(the common people)

#MarkZuckerberg visited the offices of Andela and Cchub in Yaba, Lagos. Is Yaba now the new Silicon Valley of Nigeria? Well so they say.

The man responsible for creating Facebook sneaked into Nigeria and the press only knew too late. Security reasons is most likely one of the reasons he made his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa so covert. But we must admit; "this guy is simpler than most of us who use his apps". Perhaps the truly rich are the simplest at heart.

So lets ask ourselves these questions:
If i had a billion dollars today will i still be accessible to those i call friends and family?

Will i remain as humble as i look right now?

Will I trek like Mark? Of course, I know what you are thinking..."kidnap" I doubt I would do any trekking on the streets!

The truth is that money doesn't change anyone. We are what we are. The wealth or success only brings out the you in you.

Now I'm not saying that Mark is the epitome of proper fashion. Neither I'm I saying he's a better person than any of us. Rather I'm only pointing out a specific great quality that inspired me afresh.

It's good to look great, so don't get me wrong. And sometimes it's excusable to be a little difficult and distant in order to avoid the over familiarity that leads to abuse. But the place of simplicity should not be ignored. Life is already too complicated, so acting simple can only make it easier for us and others.

I see many people who are cocky and difficult to reach because of their supposedly little achievements. Yes, little if we have to compare with what the 32 year old Mark has achieved.

Stay simple guys.

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