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Friday, 19 August 2016

EFIWE GISTS: "Ogun Kill International Collaboration" - Olamide's Reply When Asked Why He Hasn't Done Any International Collaborations

YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji drops big revelation on plans to expand his coast as regards international collaborations.
According to the rapper and label boss, the last thing he would ever do is pay for international collaboration.
“’Ogun’ kill international collaboration, because Fela did not do any international collaboration before he was recognized in the international market. Its not all about hustling for that sh*t, everywhere I am right now, everywhere I have been through, its by the grace of God”. He said

“If I do my work well, my work will take to me where I ought to be, likewise if I don’t do it well, will never get there, but me Olamide, I will never pay any dime for international collaboration”.
“I just want to hustle for my stuff, live my dreams, and also stay connected to the street. We represent them and they give us what we need, we have lot of songs to sing, even for days, so we are not bothered. We rep the street and the street is the majority”.
“My music appeals to any one, if they want to do anything with me, its fine I deal with them. For any one to be on my track, that’s a no no. I am on my Fela p right now. Fela did not hustle for anybody to be on his track, he lived his life, he made his music and when he died, they started looking for his music, copying his style. I just want to live my life, so when am gone, they look for me and copy my style too”

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