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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Words Alone Couldn't Express It When I Emerged As The Winner Of Miss UIODL 2015/2016 - UI Model, Abimbola Afolabi

Meet Afolabi Abimbola, a 400 Level Student of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan. She is an Indigene of Ogun State and She was recently crowned the Winner of Miss UIODL 2015/2016 Beauty Pageant.

Read Unibadan Efiwe's Interview with Abimbola as She talks about Her Background, Profession, Her Experience and Success at the Just concluded Miss UIODL Beauty Pageant.

Can We meet You??

My name is Afolabi Abimbola,  a 400 Level Student of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan. I'm an indigene of Ogun State.

Why are You interested in Modelling Career?

I'm into Modeling to showcase my personalities, potentialities, to have a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

How did You feel when You emerged as the "Winner " at the just concluded Miss UIDLC 2015/2016, the first of its kind as far as Distance Learning is concerned?

Words alone cannot express it, I can say ever since I was born I've never felt such happiness in my life.

You Going into the Pageant, I'm sure You had a limit You set for Yourself, Were you targeting being the Winner of Miss UIDLC 2015/2016?

If I never wanted the position I wouldn't have applied so going into the Pageant, I was determined to be the Winner by staying on top of my game and doing my very best.

Tell Us Your Experience during the Miss UIODL 2015/2016 Beauty Pageant?

During the Beauty Pageant, I was a bit anxious but I never paid attention to it so I did every performance the way they came to my mind and thank God it was awesome.

Now You have emerged as Winner Of Miss UIODL 2015/2016, What are Your goals as a Model?

My goal as a model is to help, support, be a good influence, inspire others and bring hope to the hopeless.

Do You intend going further contesting for Miss Oyo and also Miss Nigeria hopefully??

Yes sure but would be taking it one step as a time *smiles* 

How far do You see Yourself going in this Field?

I see myself going to the top and being fulfilled.

What do You know about Advertisement Industry and Photography?

Advertisement industry helps in advertising and promoting brands while Photography is a work of Art.

Emerging as the Winner Of Miss UIODL 2015 2016, are You signed to any Modelling Agency?

Actually No but I believe in God so I'm sure soon Doors will open and I would be signed.

If You are signed to any modeling agency, what would You love to achieve at the Modeling Agency?

To be Well recognised for my great works, famous and contribute positively to the agency in my own way.

Tell Us little about your Family Background?

I was born into a family of Seven, I'm the Second born of four girls and three boys. My dad is an Engineer and my mum is a Businesswoman.

Tell Us the Challenges You face as a Model?

One of the challenges I face as a Model is not having my Private Life anymore.

Would You model any kind of Clothings at all?

Yes, but anything that does not honor or promote the dignity of a woman won't be welcomed.

What's your Favorite Quote? 

My favorite quote is "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade by Elbert Hubbard

If You could have a Super Power, What would that power be and Why?

I would love to have a power that creates food so that nobody in this World will ever go hungry because of being financially deprived. I've been in that situation before and I know what it looks like.

Where do You see Yourself in the next 3-4 Years??

I see myself fulfilled in all area, in my profession, in my marriage even in the Business World.

How do You balance your Private and your Public life?

Private and public life are intertwined, may God give me the wisdom and understanding to balance it.

How has Modelling changed other aspects of Your Life?

I've not been Modeling before, this is my first time and I thank God it led to something great. Also, I just emerged as the Winner and the only thing that's changed is not having my private life anymore.

Who are some of Your favorite Models and Designers and Why??

Yomi Casual is one of my favorite designer because He shows a blend of African culture in his designs though I have never wore any of his Collections before but I've seen them on magazines and I love it.

What are some differences between Runway and Photogenic Modelling?

The difference between Runway and Photogenic modeling is that Runway modeling promote clothing or accessories while Photogenic modeling are used for the face of brands on billboards and so on.

Lastly, What words/advice do You have for Other Aspiring Models??

My advice to other Aspiring models is to be determined, be yourself and stay focused. Also put God as your Number One in whatever you do.

Thank You for gracing this interview and We wish you all the best in your career and endeavors Miss UIODL

You are welcome, thanks to Unibadan Efiwe for having me.

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